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How to create a group in RaidCall?

Evgeny Fogov
Evgeny Fogov
December 4, 2012
How to create a group in RaidCall?

To understand how to create a group in RaidCall, you need the following:

  1. In the main menu of the program, select the “Create group” tab.
  2. Select the type of group, the game itself, as well as come up with a name for the group.
  3. Accepting the terms of the agreement, click the "Create" button (it is important to remember that the number of groups that can be created depends directly on the number of points).
  4. Having created a group, you can immediately create so-called rooms. To set up a group, you need to right-click on it in the group menu, and then select “Set up group” in the list that opens.

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