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How to create a lesson?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
October 8, 2014
How to create a lesson?

Today video tutorials are a very popular means of communication with users. Of course, this is convenient: you do not need to choose a thousand words to describe complex mechanisms, you can simply take it and show it. Nevertheless, many people refuse such comfortable communication because they do not know how to create video lessons. In this article we will discuss how to create a video tutorial using programs. Let us analyze the algorithm of work in the most popular programs.


  1. , install and run the program.
  2. Using the "Area" tab, select the area of ​​the screen that will be recorded.
  3. We adjust the necessary options and effects in the corresponding tabs.
  4. We press the record button (red circle), and start broadcasting (make sure the microphone is on). At any time, you can pause the recording, add any option, effect, and then continue again.
  5. Button stop light - to stop recording. As soon as you click on it, the path selection window for saving the lesson made will appear, so do not confuse it with a pause.Pause - two parallel lines of black, stop - blue square.


  1. , install and run the program.
  2. Using the "Select area" tab on the "Recorder" toolbar, we define the area of ​​the screen that will be visible in the video.
  3. To record, press the "Rec" button (do not forget to turn on the microphone!). To pause the recording and start it again, use the F9 key.
  4. To finally stop recording, press F10.
  5. The program will offer to save the file (Save and Edit), immediately publish (Produce) or delete the resulting video (Delete).


  1. install and run the program.
  2. In the "Options" tab, in the "Capture area" section, select the area of ​​the screen that should be visible when recording.
  3. In the "Record" tab, press the button of the same name, and the recording begins (and again - do not forget about the microphone, is it on?).
  4. To pause, use the "Pause" button, and to stop recording - "Stop".

The algorithm of the programs for creating video lessons is the same, the only difference is in the name and location of the buttons. It’s impossible to say that one of these programs is better - their functionality is about the same, and therefore you have to choose only by the interface.


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