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How to create a subdomain?

Nadezhda Manko
Nadezhda Manko
April 4, 2013
How to create a subdomain?

The subdomain is very useful when it comes to creating a separate section to the site, or disconnecting it from the parent at all, and making it essentially independent of the second-level domain. If you do not know how to create a subdomain, then everything is very simple, you only need the hosting control panel.

Instructions for creating a subdomain

  • You can create a subdomain using ISPManager. To do this, use the item "www domains". Here you will need to enter data. The process will not be difficult for you. All functions are quite simple to perform.
  • But if you are interested in other ways with which you can understand how to make a subdomain, then you can use DirectAdmin. Enter the main menu and use the “subdomain management” item. Register the name you chose and select the "create" option. This method is very simple. Moreover, it will not take you much time and such a process will not cause many questions, because everything here is very clear and logical. Here you can install the CMS you want, it may even differ from the parent.It is, in fact, irrelevant.
  • But there is a third option, with which you can make a subdomain. He is to use CPanel. If you have never done this before, then do not worry to do it just as easily as in the two options described. Open CPanel, here you should use the subdomains item. Here at creation it is necessary to choose the parent domain after you enter the name you need. Then click the create button and your subdomain is ready.

Now you know how to create a subdomain. As you will see, in the process of creating a subdomain, each of the methods is very convenient to use. The main thing here is to carefully read the information on the screen, and you will definitely cope with the task very quickly. Convenience of creation lies in the fact that you will not need to use the panel of the recorder. If we talk about complexity, then this procedure is much easier than making a second-level domain. The main thing is to choose which way suits you best and use it. As you can see, everything else will be easy.


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