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How to crochet a cord

You will need
  • - yarn;
  • - crochet hook
Choose a hook of the required size depending on the yarn used. For knitting a decorative cord is better to use yarn, folded in one thread.
Dialcrochet�first loop and tie a chain of air loops of the required length. To do this, pull out the next loop from the first loop, from which you knit the next loop in the same way. And so on until the chain of required length. From such a chain, after finishing the work and securing the thread, you can make a simple cord. If you want to tie a decorative cord, then this work does not stop.
Turn the job, leaving the last air loop to lift. Knit the next row with slitting step. This type of knitting is characterized by the fact that the row knits from left to right. Holding the hook before work, enter it into each subsequent loop of the chain of air loops on the front side. Thread the thread back and stretch it.crochet�from the seamy side to the front.Next, knit with one loop two, formed on the hook.
Continue to work in a similar way until the end of the chain of air loops. At the end of the work, cut and secure the thread. Using the crochet hook, hide the ends of the threads in the finished cord.
Wash the finished cord in warm, soapy water. Dry, straightening it with your hands and spreading it on a horizontal surface on a towel. In order to achieve a smooth, non-twisting appearance of the cord, you can additionally fix it with English pins when drying.

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