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How to crochet a hat

You will need
  • Hook №3, wool blend in any color
Take a meter tape and measure the child’s head around the circumference. Dial a chain of air loops, based on data on the circumference of the head. And tie three centimeters with a rubber band: 1st row - crochet pillars; 2 row - three air lift loops, front relief double crochet, double crochet, again double relief crochet (repeat until the end of the row); 3 row - three air lift loops, purl embossed double crochet, double crochet, and again sewn relief double crochet (repeat to the end of the row). If necessary, repeat the second and third rows.
Then knit like this: three air lift loops, a row of crochets. Turn over knitting, and again three air lift loops and a number of double crochets. Knit this way to the desired height. To determine it periodically measuring the canvas on the child.
When knitting is just above the top of the head, pull off the top of the cap. Run the back seam.
Fold the circles together and wrap them tightly with thread. Then, cut the thread along the edge of the circles, slightly open the circles and quickly tie up the threads in the middle. Remove the circles and tighten the threads even tighter in the middle. Ready pompon cut a little, because it can hang extra thread. Sew pompon to the baby cap.
How to crochet a hat

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