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How to crochet a scarf?

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How to crochet a scarf?

Currently knitted items are very popular. They are exclusive, original and cheaper than similar items offered in stores. Knitted scarves are especially popular. Options crocheted scarves, there are so many, it all depends on your imagination and skill. Learn how to learn to crochet a scarf. First of all, it is necessary to consider the basic version of this product, since based on it you can easily think up your own way to create a scarf.

Basic knitting option

So, how to start crochet a scarf. To do this, you will need: 2 skeins of any thread, hook number 3 or 4.

  • The basis. The process of knitting a scarf begins with a set of hooks on a chain of air loops. Its length should be equal to the length of the future scarf. The base is ready.
  • We supplement the base. Then you need to collect three air lift loops and start knitting to the end of the row with crochets. Then you need to dial three loops again and start to knit in the opposite direction. So you should knit 6 rows and cut the thread.
  • Fringe. Ready scarf must be tied with single crochet columns around the perimeter. To do this, cut the threads, which will be 2 times longer than the fringe. Then they need to be disassembled into bundles and attached along the edge of the product with a hook. It turned out very warm and practical scarf.
  • Patterns. On the basis of a chain of air loops, which is typed at the very beginning of knitting a scarf, you can knit a scarf with any pattern, for example, a "shell" or "mesh", a long or short strip.

How to crochet a scarf "Vivien"

It is worth noting that the patterns obtained when knitting with hooks will look beautiful on both sides, which cannot be said about knitting. Also, if you wish, you can tie up the edges of the scarf with various edge patterns, this will give the scarf more femininity and decorativeness. Especially beautiful are the patterns made from different columns - flat, convex, with inclined columns or elongated columns. It is necessary to pay special attention to such a scarf model as “Vivien”. It looks very impressive, and the process of knitting is not complicated at all. For this you will need: 400 g of yarn, hook number 3. Consider the scheme of knitting a scarf of average width.It is necessary to connect two parts with a hook: the bars with a slope are a narrow grid, which will be the basis of the scarf, as well as a fluffy wide border.

  • Bollards with slope. To do this, you must first tie 15 air loops, in which the last 3 loops are knitted with a slope instead of the first column. After that you should tie 2 air loops, skip 2 air loops in a chain, tie a column with a slope. Thus one should knit a row. Rows need to be repeated. Next, the columns with a slope need to knit over the previous columns with a slope. So the grid turns out.
  • Wide fringe. Now you need to learn how to finish knitting a scarf with a crochet hook. For this, along the scarf, you must tie a border. To do this, you must first tie the edge with columns without tilt, in parallel with this, you need to double the number of loops. The next row should repeat the previous one, while increasing the number of loops also by 2 times. Having reached the last row, the number of loops should increase only one and a half times. So, the scarf "Vivien" is ready.

The scheme, how to crochet a scarf, will help you make the desired model.You only need to choose which scarf you want to have.

Now you know how to tie a fashion scarf, remember, this accessory will always decorate your wardrobe and make you more attractive and charming.


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