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How to cure addiction?

January 8, 2015
How to cure addiction?

Any dependence is destructive, whether it is dependence on alcohol, sex, card games, drugs. Adolescents and young people are especially addicted. Not so long ago, a wave of spies poisoning - narcotic smoking mixtures. Many young people said goodbye to life or earned serious illness. In this regard, the question arises: how to cure the dependence on the spice? First, let's see what these smoking mixtures are.


Traffickers put adolescents on their guard, claiming that the spice is a completely natural product, namely dried herbs. But this statement is far from true. When the spikes first appeared in 2008, perhaps this was the case. Spices included plants that have a psychotropic effect: Hawaiian rose, sage, skullcap, blue lotus, etc.

However, a little later, these mixtures became much more dangerous: after all, synthetically synthesized drugs were added to them.The drug was imported as a powder, then the dried herbs were dissolved and soaked with it. Thus, the spice began to cause more dependence and more severe poisoning.

How to cure spice dependency

  • Of course, you need to resort to the help of a narcologist. First of all, you need to clean the body of accumulated toxins, because in fact there was chemical intoxication of the body. Naturally, you need to completely abandon the reception of spices. During detoxification, the patient must consume special preparations - adsorbents, stick to a diet, walk, consume a large amount of water. With light dependence help is provided at home, if the case is serious, then in a hospital or clinic.
  • The psychological support of the patient from relatives is important. It is necessary to protect the addict who is dependent on bad influence from other drug addicts. It is important that a person should himself consciously give up drugs and accept treatment - this is the first and main step to recovery. It is necessary that the patient understand: spice is not a harmless herbal mixture, but a dangerous and destructive drug.

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