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How to customs clearance cars from Germany?

In order to customs clearance a car brought from Germany, one must possess the rules and legislative acts in force in the respective country. Foreign cars are mostly better quality than domestic ones. To find out how to clear a car from Germany, you need to study or familiarize yourself with the legislative acts or rules that regulate this process. The customs clearance of both cars and trucks is legally regulated. Customs clearance of a truck from Germany, as well as a car, is possible for a certain period of time or for permanent stay in the country.

Depending on who will carry out the procedure for customs clearance of a car (by individuals or legal entities), the cost of customs clearance will be determined. The cost of customs clearance of the car is influenced by the following indicators: engine size, car price, car year of manufacture, engine power, as well as certain accessories (equipment, leather seats and others).

Calculating the cost of customs clearance cars

The customs clearance calculator provides all the information about how to clear a car from Germany, contains all the information about the laws that relate to customs clearance in a given country. It takes into account the need for customs clearance of a car imported from abroad. With the help of a calculator, all information about the cost of customs payments is determined, as well as the cost of the entire customs clearance procedure.

You can pay for car customs clearance in rubles or in another foreign currency. In this case, with the help of a calculator, you can determine the rate of foreign currency, which was formed at the time of customs clearance of the machine.

Among the main methods of importation of vehicles are:

  1. importation of a vehicle by an individual;
  2. importation of a vehicle as baggage that does not have an escort;
  3. importation of a vehicle, as forwarding to the address of an individual.

The size of flat rates does not affect the country of production of the car. If a new car is imported by one of the listed import methods, then customs payments are paid according to the cost of the car at uniform rates.

All vehicles crossing the customs border of the Russian Federation and imported by individuals are issued a declaration that must be submitted to the customs authorities. Also must be provided all the documents on the car, accompanying and transport documents.

The procedure for customs clearance car

  • Customs clearance of a car purchased in Germany or in other countries is possible only in the case of passing through the established procedure for customs clearance of the car. First you need to fill out a declaration in which you need to specify all reliable data about the car. Then this declaration is recorded in the declaration log for the registration number provided to it.
  • The inspector should examine and verify the available documents from a natural or legal person: stamp in the passport of the place of registration; written permission issued by the customs authority in accordance with the place of registration, information about the entrepreneur, if the import is made by a physical person; documents confirming the export of a currency by a physical person outside the country; tickets, visas confirming the fact of a person’s stay abroad, the presence of stamps supplied by customs officers when crossing the border; documents confirming the ownership of the car.
  • Then the inspector checks all submitted documents with the data entered in the declaration. These are basic data about the car (make, type, model of car, year of production, color, chassis number, engine number, license plate number, type of fuel, etc.); the purpose of importation of the vehicle into the country; data on the mileage of the car, which are recorded from the documents on the car or from the car speedometer.
  • After examining all the documents, the inspector will decide whether further clearance will be carried out or whether other documents will be required.

After a documentary check, customs officers conduct technical inspections of vehicles in accordance with the data in the declaration (vehicle model, body and engine numbers, etc.). It is checked whether there were any additional parts in the vehicle configuration, whether repairs were carried out, whether parts and assemblies were replaced, whether there were certain flaws and damages, what was the nature of these damages.

The procedure for paying the cost of cars

After verification of the correctness of all records, the declaration is signed by the inspector, and stamped on it.

The inspector has customs payments.This excise duty, a fee for paperwork, duties, customs duties at a single rate, VAT and other payments. Documents with calculated payments are transferred to the payments department.

The inspector, after calculating the final amount of auto clearance and putting the date of the inspection, gives the documents to the department where the vehicle is issued for an individual or legal entity. The department issued a customs receipt order for payment. Then all data about the owner and the car are entered into the computer. It also checks the number of vehicles transported by the person across the border, whether the vehicle is in search.

At the final stage, the owner of the imported vehicle is issued a certificate of importation of the vehicle. The second copy remains at customs.

To answer the question of how to clear the car from Germany, you need to carefully examine all the necessary materials, ask about the customs clearance of the car and the procedure for making customs payments, so as not to get into an awkward situation and then not pay extra money.


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