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How to dance lezginka girls?

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How to dance lezginka girls?

In the Caucasus lives a small nation - Lezgins. They became the progenitors of a very popular and famous dance - lezginka. Lezgin music and dance were created by ancient warriors who wanted to increase their morale before the hunt. In consequence, the lezginka began to dance at all family and family events, including the first acquaintance of a girl and a guy. Therefore, lezginka need to be able to dance not only guys, warriors, but their dear darlings. But here the question arises: how will a girl in the modern world learn to dance a lezginka, when folk traditions are no longer so zealously honored and not every house is infused with all the rules and traditions since childhood.

Dance features

Studying how to dance lezginka girls, you need to understand that this is originally a male dance, so the movements of the men in it are impulsive, cutting, energetic. In his dance, he sought to show the girl how he treats her, how much he loves.In the Caucasus, there was a custom according to which no man had the right to touch a girl, for which he would pay with his life. And even in the dance the guy can approach the girl, lean over her, but he cannot lean against! The girl, by tradition, had no right to touch a man with a dress, it was considered a shame for her. At the dance it is also reflected. The girl makes smooth movements, so that even the tip of the dress, sleeves, do not touch the guy. In the process of dancing, the girl strives to get away, and the boyfriend blocks her way, and all this happens, taking into account the principles of immunity. It is on these laws that the lezginka is based.

The main images of dance

In Lezginka, two basic images are used - the male image of an “eagle” and the female image of a “swan”. Lezginka is performed in national costumes, which give the dance entertainment, to the music of the national ensemble. The dance is performed in the musical size of 6/8, the melody is dynamic, at a fast pace. The most difficult movements are for the guy, but for the girl they should be smooth, but just as fast and precise. A girl at her own pace should exactly follow the male movements, she is completely dependent on the pace and rhythm of the guy.

Where to learn dance

Learn how to dance lezginka girls, it is best where there are professional choreographers. To attend such classes, you must have good physical training, stretching. Lezginka has a lot of similarities with tap dance and steppe. In these dances, there are clear kicks to the rhythm of the music. The hands, on the contrary, perform smooth and graceful movements. Together, these elements give an incendiary, but very lyrical image of dance. In a specialized dance school will tell you how to dance lezginka. Another way to study is in the area where the lezginka is remembered and honored is in the villages of the Caucasus. If none of the suggested methods came up to you, then a comprehensive Internet will come to the rescue.

Also in online communities there are whole courses telling how to dance lezginka girls. The video consists of several lessons that gradually tell you how to make a direct move, a side move, turns, how to combine movements of the arms and legs, what mood the dance should convey.

I really want the girls who want to learn how to dance lezginka, understand that it is useless to describe the dance and its basic movements in words.It is best to find a suitable course on the Internet, download it, and study at home, immediately moving on to practical exercises. So you learned how to dance lezginka girls. Good luck to you in this matter!


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