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How to disable mobile subscriptions?

Elena Alekseeva
Elena Alekseeva
December 22, 2014
How to disable mobile subscriptions?

Suppose that a message with a weather forecast or horoscope arrives on your mobile phone every day, until some time you don’t pay any attention to it, but then you notice that the funds from the balance have started to disappear somewhere. The first thing that comes to mind is that you talk a lot on the phone, but this is not always the case.

How to disable mobile subscriptions

There are several ways to disable subscriptions.

The first and probably the easiest one is to call the support service of your operator for a short number. The operator will check the availability of subscriptions on your number and independently disable them.

  • For MTS subscribers - 0890;
  • For subscribers Megafon - 0500;
  • For Beeline subscribers - 0611;
  • For Tele2 subscribers - 611.

The same can be done in your personal account on the operator's website :.

  • MTS -;
  • Megaphone -;
  • Beeline -;
  • Tele 2 - .

You can find out if you have paid subscriptions with the help of a special short USSD command:

  • MTS - * 152 #;
  • Megaphone - * 105 #;
  • Beeline - * 110 * 09 #;
  • Tele2 - * 144 * 1 #.

Carefully read the menu items after dialing the command of the USSD, choosing what you need. After the subscriptions are disabled, you will receive a confirmation message.

Where do the subscriptions come from

To understand where the money goes there are several ways. For starters, you can order cost breakdowns for the month of interest in your personal account. The same can be done in the salon of communication of your operator, but there you will need to contact your passport if the number is issued for you. Thus, it will be easier and faster to do everything on the Internet.

So, in detail, in addition to the cost of calls made, you can find some interesting lines, like "Access to ...." and then it will be indicated which site or service.

Here it should be noted that subscriptions may be provided by the cellular operator or by some third-party organizations. In the first case, these are services such as a dial tone, horoscope, weather forecast and so on. The second case includes all sorts of subscriptions to the content, the subscriber may not suspect that he has subscribed to them, as this may occur due to negligence.To avoid this, download the application only from official sites and do not leave your mobile number on the Internet.

Now you know how to disable mobile subscriptions.


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