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How to disable "Super MTS"?

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How to disable "Super MTS"?

Super MTS tariff is intended for those who often communicate with other MTS subscribers. It allows you to make free local calls for up to 20 minutes a day, and if you connect additional options, then without any restrictions. But what if these conditions have ceased to suit you? How to disable the Super MTS tariff, read in this article.

How can I turn off Super MTS

Since Super MTS is not a service, but a whole tariff, it cannot be taken and turned off in the literal sense of the word. Instead, you need to go to any other tariff available. A complete list of tariff plans can be viewed.

For example, if you want to abandon Super MTS and switch to Smart mini tariff, which also includes free local calls (though for a monthly subscription), you need to dial * 111 * 1023 # on your phone and press the call button. Transition to this tariff is free.

And to switch to the Red Energy tariff plan without a monthly fee and with a single price for calls in your home region, use the command * 111 * 727 #. However, in this case, for the change of the tariff you will have to pay 150 rubles.

If you want to disable the services on Super MTS, and not the tariff itself, you need to find out what kind of paid services you have activated and abandon them.


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