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How to disable the beep on the MTS?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 13, 2012
How to disable the beep on the MTS?

“Beep” (GOOD`OK) is a service provided by the mobile operator MTS. It is intended for all those who are tired of hearing long beeps waiting for an answer. Instead of the usual beeps, you can use your favorite melody or phrase. The service is paid, its cost is 50.30 rubles per month (standard package). You can connect it in several ways:

  • dial * 111 * 28 # on the phone and press the call button,
  • the melody can be ordered through the MTS website (),
  • send an SMS with the code of the favorite melody to the number 9505,
  • contact any salon MTS.

By the way, you can order a melody for the period you need, for example, for a certain day. It can apply to a group of your contacts or only to your boyfriend / girlfriend. More information about the service you can find by following the link.

However, what to do if you no longer need this service, the MTS user? How to disable the service dial tone? Disabling is similar in its actions to connect. You can use a method convenient for you:

  • by calling the number * 111 * 29 # disable
  • contacting the special service "Internet Assistant" or using the "Mobile Assistant" by dialing 111,
  • by calling the MTS center at number 0890.

If the options offered above seem to you difficult or inconvenient. You can ask for help on how to disable the dial tone on the MTS, in any store / salon of the mobile operator in your city. Consultants will explain in detail what needs to be done. They will also tell you how to restore the service if you decide to use it again.


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