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How to disable Windows authentication?

Windows authentication occurs to check if your operating system version is a pirated copy. As soon as you activate Windows in a pirated way, the operating system becomes pirated and at some "wonderful" moment an undesirable, ugly message appears on your screen.

If you are interested in how to disable Windows authentication, then there is no unequivocal answer to this question, since different versions of Windows check differently.

How to disable Windows XP authentication

The most popular program that allows you to check is “Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA)”. It is automatically installed during a scheduled update of Windows Update. Thus, it can be installed on any computer on which the update service is enabled.

First, consider how to disable Windows XP authentication. Using this version with active auto-update, update KB905474, which contains Windows Genuine Advantage Notification, will be downloaded on your computer. You can simply turn off auto-update on your computer, but then your system will become obsolete and start to fail.

Of course, the update can be carried out in other modes, but this will lead to inconvenience and loss of time. What to do if all the same KB905474 installed on your computer?

Consider several options:

  1. Remove the update package
    We go in safe mode in the explorer and delete the directory
    C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ KB905474
    After that, we delete the scheduler itself C: \ WINDOWS \ Tasks \ WGASetup.job
  2. Clearing the registry
    Run the registry editor Win + R and enter regedit. Go to the directory and delete the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon \ Notify \ WgaLogon. Restart the computer and the unwanted message disappears.
  3. We block the site
    We open the file with the help of the notepad C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts, then at the end we add “127. 0. 0. 1 mpa. one. microsoft. com, then save it.
  4. Application Usage
    For example, take the WGA Validation Crack. This program will allow you not to be afraid for authentication and you can safely continue to use "Windows Update" after its installation.

After performing these steps, Windows can be deactivated. What to do if your Windows XP is deactivated?

If you have this happened, you need to download the application "WPA-Kill", and then copy it to flash memory. Next, remove the C: // Document and Settings / All Users / Application Data / Windows Genuine Advantage / data. Dat and boot into safe mode. Next, connect the flash memory to the computer and run G: / /antiwpa-2.0-winxp-2k3/WPA_Kill.exe.Then restart the computer, after that everything will be ready.

There are other possible solutions to this problem, but more complex and less effective, so we will not consider them.

Windows 7 authentication, disable

In fact, in this case, everything happens in a similar way. First, the auto-update is loaded, only under the name KB971033, and then everything is exactly as in Windows XP.

Solution of the problem: use the console

Open Start-> Control Panel-> Administration-> Services-> Software Protection, open the console with administrator rights, write slmgr / rilc, and slmgr / rearm. Now reboot. We start the activator and re-activate Windows, restart the PC and everything is ready.


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