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How to disassemble the keyboard?

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How to disassemble the keyboard?

Using the keyboard, we can enter text, give commands and control programs on the computer. In the process of using the keyboard clogs, and sometimes it needs to be cleaned. To clean the keyboard well, it needs to be disassembled.

How to disassemble the keyboard on the PC and laptop?

PC Keyboard

  1. The first thing to do is to disconnect the keyboard from the computer. After that, arm yourself with a camera and take a picture of the keyboard in order to assemble it correctly. You can also find an image of your keyboard on the Internet and print it.
  2. Install the keyboard by turning it face down. It is necessary that nothing pressed on the keys.Disassemble the keyboard
  3. Remove all the screws on the back of the keyboard and note their location.
  4. Carefully and carefully remove the back cover to prevent damage to the "stuffing" of the keyboard. After that, also carefully remove the plate transmitting signals from the computer. Put the part aside.
  5. Arm yourself with a screwdriver and start gently (!) Pulling out each key in turn. Notice that each button has a latch that needs to be opened. Be very careful, as these latches can be easily broken.
  6. After cleaning the device, reassemble in the reverse order.

Keyboard on a laptop

  1. To dismantle the keyboard, first turn off the laptop and remove the battery. Before you is a keyboard, on which each button is equipped with microlifters - specialized mounts. To avoid confusion, each key removed must be left with the mount. Do not forget to take a photo of the keyboard so that you can restore it later.
  2. Along the edges of the keyboard you will find small spaces between the case and the device. These gaps are designed so that you canDisassemble the keyboardpick up nearby keys. To do this, take a dental umbrella or tweezers. Gently pick up any key to which you have access. Thus, starting with the available keys, they remove all the buttons on the keyboard.
  3. Be extremely attentive. All keys can be divided into groups according to the method of their attachment.Remember that each mount will need to be installed in its place, so you should be especially careful and carefully as possible to dismantle them.
  4. After cleaning the keyboard and key fasteners, you can begin to assemble the keyboard. Last you need to put the keys that you shot at the very beginning.

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