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How to disassemble the mixer?

The mixer, like many household appliances, has a relatively simple device. In most cases it is not at all necessary to resort to plumbing services in order to repair it. In this article we will talk about how to disassemble the mixer, before you carry out its repair.

Bathroom faucets

On many types of goods of modern plumbing a five-year warranty is given. However, these years pass unnoticed, and there is nothing eternal in the world, therefore at any moment of the post-guarantee period you can expect surprises. For example, if the regulated water spontaneously begins to change the temperature abruptly while taking a shower, this means that the mixer needs to be repaired or replaced.

The main reasons for the unsatisfactory performance of mixers and taps are grouped in three versions:

  • one of the valves of the crane, or the lever is tight;
  • heard the hum of the crane when it is turned on;
  • after closing the water does not stop flowing, that is, it does not hold the tap.

How to disassemble the faucet in the bathroom two-valve type?

When replacing plumbing all the work begins with blocking access to hot and cold water. After that, the filters should be checked for obstructions suspended in water by mechanical particles. Currently, when installing a new plumbing equipment, they must be equipped with water filters. If everything is in order with these elements of the system, then it is all about the mixer. For the bathroom mainly used mixers of 2 types:

  • two-valve with crane box
  • with single-lever cartridge.

Many people are familiar with the disassembly of the double-lever (two-valve) mixer. As a tool for this operation, it is sufficient to have a screwdriver and adjustable wrench. At the very beginning, the screw is unscrewed, which is hidden under a plug of blue or red color, and then the crane-box turns out. The type of gasket will prompt you immediately if it needs replacing or just loosening it. After replacing the gasket and tightening the mounting bolt, the crane is screwed into place.

How to disassemble the faucet in the bathroom single lever type?

At first, it seems difficult to disassemble the mixer with the cartridge, as an external examination does not give the eye any clues.Be aware that under the manufacturer's logo or under the red and blue cap there is a hex bolt that is unscrewed with an allen key. Then you need to remove the cartridge. He will have to tinker with him, since over the years of operation he has become attached. However, do not hit the mixer with an iron hammer. In a pinch, this is done through a wooden bar, tapping evenly around the circumference. After removing the spent cartridge in its place, a new one is installed, and you gain invaluable experience in disassembling a new generation mixer.

Parsing ball mixer

Before you disassemble the ball mixer, you need to familiarize yourself with its device, determine the cause of the flow and evaluate the operability of the shut-off valve.

  1. If you use a single-lever mixer with a ceramic or metal valve, then you should carefully remove the lever itself - this is the handle to control the water supply. This lever is usually fixed with a secure screw. When removing it, be sure to pry off with a sharp object the decorative overlay that is located above it.
  2. After removing the decorative cover, the screw itself is unscrewed in order to have access to the internal parts of the crane.
  3. To disassemble the mixer, you should consider the method of its mounting, which may be different for each model of the sanitary device.
  4. How to disassemble the ball mixer, if its lever is simply put on the rod? It should be carefully tightened up and then removed, without loosening any screws, because they are not in this design.
  5. If the small fastening screw is located in the side of the mixer, then the decorative stopper is unscrewed, coordinating the supply of hot or cold water to the tap.
  6. After removing the lever, the cover of the mixer housing is unscrewed. In most cases, this cap has a threaded connection. Then it is unscrewed "manually" without the use of tools.
  7. But the cover can be fastened with a fixing screw located on the side. In this case, first unscrews the screw itself with a screwdriver that is suitable in size. Then the lid is hooked to the tip of the knife and removed by hand.
  8. Under the removed cover is a large clamping nut, which is unscrewed with a wrench of the desired diameter, either with a gas or with an adjustable wrench.
  9. Next, remove the cartridge itself, which must be replaced.Do not forget that the old gasket can be rammed under it and “stick to it”.
  10. Turn on the mixer and see where the water will flow from. This is to determine the exact cause of the fault.
  11. Next, the mixer is repaired by either replacing the entire cartridge or replacing a single gasket.

How to disassemble the mixer in the kitchen?

When disassembling the kitchen faucet, try to follow the necessary rules:

  1. The water supply to the mixer or faucet in the kitchen should be shut off.
  2. Make sure that the water is blocked. To do this, the faucet opens and the remaining water is drained from the system.
  3. Using a screwdriver on the valve or lever, the cap is removed in order to open access to the attachment of the crane.
  4. Using a screwdriver, the mounting screw is unscrewed and the valve (lever) of the kitchen tap is removed.
  5. Unscrew the crankshaft from a traditional tap with an adjustable wrench, or a cartridge from a single-lever tap.

After disassembling the kitchen faucet, determine the extent of its damage. In most cases, repairing the cartridge is not possible. Therefore, the best option in this case would be to buy a new one. To purchase a new cartridge, we advise you to take the old one with you to the store as a sample.Since there are currently many varieties of cartridges, and only by visual comparison can we be convinced of their identity.

Assembly of cranes is carried out in the reverse order. When assembling single-lever kitchen taps, it is extremely important not to tilt the cartridge. In addition, you must ensure that the shift lever is in the neutral position. Once you cope with the installation of the crane once, in the future you will already know not only how to disassemble the mixer in the kitchen, but also how to install it. There are no particular difficulties in these operations.


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