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How to distinguish real skin from leatherette?

If you are planning to purchase a product from genuine leather, then first learn how to distinguish it from artificial. We offer you several proven methods.

Learn all the nuances

Differences of genuine leather from artificial

So, how to distinguish natural leather from leatherette? We offer several ways:

  1. Consider the product. On the surface you will find many pores. So, in natural leather, these very pores will be unequal in depth and size, because they are created by nature itself. And the pore depth of the leather substitute will be almost the same, because this material was created by special devices.
  2. Most often, the natural skin is softer than artificial.
  3. If possible, examine the underside of the skin. The inside of this leather will be a fleecy, similar to suede. But the basis of artificial leather is created artificially. As a rule, its role is played by textiles. So if you find a cloth on the back, then be sure that you have a leatherette.
  4. If you could not find material inside out of the thing, then try to study the cut. If you see sticking threads, then before you is definitely an artificial product. On the cut of the natural thing, you can find only short villi.
  5. It is worth noting that bona fide manufacturers supply a product made of genuine leather with a tag made of the same material, that is, of leather. In this case, the shape of such a tag will resemble the skin from which the product was made. But this tag may well be made of leather, while the product itself will be artificial.
  6. Try to bend the skin. There will not be a natural fold, even if the material is left bent for several hours. And on the leather substitute will certainly remain a hall. In addition, the fold can not differ in color. And if you are offered a crumpled thing, explaining that it was crushed by other products or was stored in a warehouse, then do not believe it. Genuine leather does not wrinkle. Yes, and store expensive products, as a rule, carefully.
  7. Try to evaluate the smell of the product, sometimes it helps. The natural skin has a slight characteristic odor. But the artificial material can smell very sharp and unpleasant. But manufacturers have learned to mask the chemical "flavor" using flavors.
  8. Estimate the weight of the product.Genuine leather is heavier than artificial. But everything is known in comparison, so this method is not always reliable. And yet if the thing is very light, then it should alert you.
  9. If you list simple folk remedies, you should not forget about ordinary water. Just drop things on the surface at least one drop. With the leatherette, it instantly rolls, leaving no traces. But genuine leather absorbs moisture. At the same time, the place of exposure to water will slightly darken and will differ in color from the rest of the product. But after drying all traces will disappear. There should be no streaks on the skin (unless there were impurities in the form of salts or metals in the water).
  10. Apply your hand to the surface of the product. Genuine leather almost immediately heats up and absorbs the warmth of your body, becoming warm and pleasant on your skin. But the leather will remain cold. But this test can only be carried out at home, because on the street your hands will be cold, and you will not be able to assess the degree of heating of the thing.
  11. Press on the skin. Natural material will be elastic and soft. And after pressing, genuine leather will quickly return to its former shape.If the material is rough and hard and practically does not give in to pressure or, on the contrary, it is very soft, but after pressing it does not restore its former shape (you will understand it by the dent remaining on the surface).
  12. Stretch the material. The natural skin is very elastic, but will not stretch too much and after stretching it will immediately return to its previous state. But leatherette can stretch, like rubber, but it will either remain stretched, or will return to its original state very slowly.
  13. You can estimate the thickness of the material. Natural skin, as a rule, is thicker than leatherette.
  14. You can conduct a fire check, but in this way it is better to test the tag, otherwise you can just spoil the thing (and in the store no one will allow you to do such a check). Still, if you decide to take a chance, then spend a lighted match or a lighter on the surface. The natural skin will immediately begin to melt, giving off an unpleasant and sharp chemical smell. But genuine leather with short-term exposure to fire will not change. The smell will be similar to the smell of burning feathers or bones.But before making such a check, make sure that the product does not have any coatings. The fact is that, for example, the aniline coating can not only melt, but also burn.

Now you can certainly distinguish natural skin from artificial and protect yourself from cheating.

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