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How to download from the contact?

The social network Vkontakte keeps a great media library. Thanks to this, social network users have the opportunity to listen to any composition and watch videos of any genre. Even rare entries that are almost impossible to find on the Internet are available on the social network Vkontakte. Therefore, users often ask questions: “How to download music from a contact?”, “How to download video from a contact?”.

In order to download music or video, there are many ways, ranging from a line of code inserted into a browser window or a special download service, to free independent programs that do not need to use a browser.

Also on the Internet there is a huge number of online services for download from the social network Vkontakte. For example, videosaver.ru, which requires the insertion of the video address into a special line. But this service may seem inconvenient, because have to go to another page. It is much better to use proven programs: vksaver, vklife, lovivkontakte, etc.

Vksaver program

Through this program you will learn how to download from the contact for free. Vksaver is used as a browser plugin. After you install this program, a download button (save) will appear on Vkontakte website, which will be located slightly below the audio or video player.

The only drawback of the plugin is that when you download you are automatically sent to the program's website.

Link by clicking on which you can download the program vksaver:

Program lovivkontakte

Catch in contact in the same way as vksaver is a browser plugin. The truth is that it differs in that the “download” button appears everywhere where there is audio or video recording: on the wall, in the section of audio recordings, video recordings, etc. In addition, the catch in contact program has the function of notifying you of new messages from your friends. The disadvantage of this program is that when innovations on the website Vkontakte need to be updated.

Link, clicking on which you can download the program catch in contact:

Vklife application

How to download movies and music from the contact? The free vklife application does not require launching a browser, since is a standalone application. The program is presented in the form of a browser in which you can wander around Vkontakte.To the right of the browser there is a panel displaying available for download audio and video.

With this program you can download videos in HD quality from sites such as YouTube.com, Mail.ru.

In the browser are also available features invisible, add pictures to the wall, built-in audio player, etc.

The disadvantage of the program is that its use may seem inconvenient to many.

Link by clicking on which you can download the vklife application:

Vkmusic program

This program is completely free and allows you to download music from the social network Vkontakte. Its work is quite simple: you need to enter the key words in the program that will be searched, then you will be offered search results, you, in turn, are required to mark the file and click the download button.

This program has a lot of advantages. For example, support for downloading from such services as RuTube, YouTube, Mail, RedTube. The program also has an impressive list of cartoons, which is periodically updated. The list contains more than 3000 domestic cartoons in flv and avi quality and more than 400 foreign animated series. The online player of the program is very user friendly.The advantage of vkmusic is that when searching for a song, the program automatically hides repetitions. But besides the advantages, there are also disadvantages: the need to enter a login and password, the lack of listening to the file when searching for it.

Link by clicking on which you can download the program vkmusic:

How to download from the contact song

The program vkontakte-dj

This program is known for its user-friendly interface and is designed for music lovers who regularly download music from the social network Vkontakte. Vkontakte-dj has two functions: downloading and listening to musical compositions.

Why do users like vkontakte-dj so much? The thing is that this program allows you to carry out a massive download of audio files in the form of entire albums.

What are the disadvantages of the vkontakte-dj program? The program selects the path to download automatically, but it prevents the sorting of music in various genres. There is also a license agreement, thanks to which vkontakte-dj has access to your password.


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