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How to download ix for cs?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
September 23, 2014
How to download ix for cs?

Wallhack (wh) - the most popular cheat in the game Counter Strike, allowing you to see through any obstacles everything that your opponents do. Wh is much easier game, so many players are wondering how to download in 1.6.

Use in

Basically, this cheat is used to track enemy positions in the game. If you have a version of COP 1.6, then you can cope with a group of opponents alone. Experienced players are advised to use this cheat to memorize all enemy positions and weapons. There are 3 modes:

  1. The most comfortable mode, as the environment is displayed in full.
  2. The most difficult mode. Here everything merges, but the opponents can be seen very well.
  3. The setting is transparent, but does not merge. Playing in this mode, it is very difficult to detect your cheat.

Cons cheat in

If you decide to download cheat in, you should know the disadvantages of this application. The main disadvantage is anti-cheat check.If you use cheats, the server will check you with anti-cheat, and if it finds it, your hero will be banned.

By the way, programmers went further and created a VC, in which textures are not translucent, but you can track the enemy by the rhombus that lights up above their heads.

Downloading the application

In order to download ix for the COP, you must go to the site.

After you download the application, you need to run it. This will download the latest version of the cheat.


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