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How to draw a poster?

September 23, 2014
How to draw a poster?

Everyone at least once in their life had to draw a poster - at school, at work or for a family celebration. Typically, posters are devoted to some important event, the beginning of a project. Posters can also be educational or promotional. Let's take a closer look at how to draw a poster. Let's talk about the process of creating a poster, and also give a few recommendations for drawing it.

How to draw a poster with your own hands: instructions

Typically, posters are quite large, so you will need a drawing paper sheet or any other large piece of paper or cardboard. You will also need paints, pencil, scissors, decorative elements, newspaper and magazine clippings, old postcards and everything that you see fit and relevant for your poster.

  1. Sketch your poster. The slogan should be located in the center. Also arrange the rest of the text, photos, images, drawings and other details of your poster. Details and drawings should be fairly large so that they can be seen from afar.Poster
  2. Choose a background - the overall impression of your poster depends on it. If you bought colored paper or paper with drawings, the background will not need to do. However, white paper is traditionally used - then you can make a gentle pastel tone with watercolors or a bright background with gouache.
  3. Slogan. It should be brief, informative, memorable. If your poster is festive, it's pretty simple. Such slogans will do: “Happy New Year!”, “Happy Birthday!”, “Happy Rising!”, Etc. If there is any other reason, then you should think up a memorable slogan according to the occasion. On this depends half the success. Letters make large and bright, the slogan should immediately be evident. Try toPosterthat the inscription was located in the center and the letters were the same size. If necessary, draw auxiliary lines, which can then be erased.
  4. Draw one or more images related to your slogan. If you do not have the talent of the artist - it does not matter! You can print the images you like on the computer and then paste them on the poster. You can also make an original collage using clippings from magazines and newspapers.Find old postcards, posters and use them for decoration. Do not be afraid to experiment, and your poster will be really original and memorable.

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