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How to draw an eagle?

Julia Chmykhalo
Julia Chmykhalo
March 12, 2013
How to draw an eagle?

Eagles are a symbol of wisdom, sun, victory and ascension. In order to portray this feathered predator and express its admiration for them through drawing, it is necessary to know how to draw an eagle in stages.

Draw the head and torso

First of all, you should understand the structure of this bird. To do this, you need to find a photo and copy it on a sheet of paper. Then do the harvesting of the head (a small circle) and the preparation of the body (ellipse). Now you can draw a thin line beak eagle. It should have a hook shape and bend down. Then follow the line of the head of the bird. To do this, you need to draw a slightly curved line that goes into the neck. Attention should be paid to the shape of the head. It should not be too bulging or flat.

We draw wings, paws, eyes and plumage

The next step is to draw the neck and the convex breast of the bird, after which you can begin to draw the wing from the upper neckline. The plumage of the wing should be depicted as a usual zigzag line.To finish the wing it is necessary to draw a smooth line along the chest of the eagle, which will end at the back. Next, you need to draw the paws with large sharp claws and the tail of an eagle, of medium length. Above the beak should be placed eyes. They must have an oval shape, pointed at the edges. Then draw thin elongated nostrils on the beak and circle the resulting drawing with a thick line.

How to draw a soaring eagle

In order to depict a bird soaring in the sky, the location of the head and the body should be marked on paper with the help of two ellipses. After that, you need to draw large and powerful wings to the body. Then it is necessary to draw a hook-like beak at the head and connect the torso with the beak with a thin line. On the beak should be marked nostrils and mandible. The next step, describing how to draw an eagle soaring in the sky, is the drawing of the eyes of a predator. After that you can draw feathers on the neck of the bird. For greater persuasiveness, you can draw several feathers separately. Now you need to show the paws of a predator. It should be remembered that during the flight, the eagle cannot see the plumage on its paws, since the birds are pressing them to the body.Next you need to detail the wings of an eagle. Note that the closer to the body are feathers, the smaller they become. And on the bend of the wing, feathers look altogether like bulged fingers. Now you need to sketch in the form of a zigzag small fan the tail of an eagle and draw large feathers to this fan. After that you need to round the tail feathers and erase all auxiliary lines. And finally, with a soft pencil, place the shadows on the drawing, which will depend on the location of the light source. Now you know how to draw an eagle with a pencil. Good luck to you in drawing!

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