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How to draw clouds?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
March 13, 2013
How to draw clouds?

If you raise your head and look at the sky, you can see the clouds. Turning on the fantasy, they take the form of various animals or objects that float across the sky. Let's try to make out in this article how to draw clouds.

Several steps to create a picture

  • Start by taking a white sheet of paper and cross-hatching on it. For the best effect, hold the arm canopy. Apply the strokes gently, in three layers. The first is horizontal and the rest are diagonal.
  • Smooth the shading layer. For this you can use a piece of suede. Wrap your finger and swipe it over the entire area of ​​the sheet. To tone out even, repeat the procedure several times. Extinguish the entire surface well, but special attention should be paid to the edges. After all, the defects in the final stages of work will be very difficult to correct.
  • Remember that you cannot touch the paper with your hands, as stains may appear at the subsequent stages.
  • Determine the boundaries of the picture with a ruler.
  • Now go to create a cloud.First, mark the place where you want to place them. Draw a cloud shape using a piece of eraser. In order to make the cloud thin and light, swipe the nick several times (this is a special very soft eraser) on the surface of the sheet.
  • Then detail your drawing. Take a 2H pencil and mark them with darkened places at the top of the cloud. Shade and soften the cloud with a nag. It is in the process of erasing, shaking and applying new layers that the outlines of the cloud appear.
  • If you draw a dark sky, make the background darker. Compared to him, the cloud finally take shape and weight.
  • Remember that those clouds that are at the horizon are much darker than the others. But clouds must fit into the whole picture, and not stand out against its background. Your goal is to draw them so that they look like real ones and look unobtrusive. To do this, you can draw the clouds barely noticeable.
  • In the process of creating a picture you need to be patient.

Of course, you know that in each of the seasons the clouds are beautiful in their own way. Practice creating the autumn sky, then the winter, with dark and evil clouds.After all, only practice will help you master the technique of drawing such a wonderful phenomenon as the sky with clouds. Analyzing tips on how to draw clouds with a pencil, you can smoothly switch to drawing the night sky, sunsets, etc. But remember that you should start with a light, gradually mastering more complex technologies.

Creating such a drawing will take you a little more than an hour, but the result is worth it. Now you know how to draw clouds, and over time, having achieved something more, awake with a smirk to remember how you tormented yourself by drawing clouds. We wish good luck to all professionals and emerging artists!

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