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How to draw Santa Claus?

If you do not know how to draw Santa Claus realistically, then try to follow the steps described in the instructions. With a simple pencil and an eraser, you can create a beautiful drawing by yourself. It is not at all difficult to draw Santa Claus in stages, even a child can handle it.

  • Start drawing preparation with a selection of pencils. For light shadows, you need a solid pencil, for example, 4H. For contours and mid-tones, use a pencil marked HB, and for dark shadows it is best to choose a very soft pencil - 3B or 4B.
  • On a piece of paper, make a light sketch of the contours of the face, beard, cap. The lines should be light so that they can be easily erased.
  • In the next step, specify the dimensions and proportions of the face, mark all the details that you want to see in the final drawing.
  • Start to work on the face of Santa Claus: add a mustache, glasses, show the line of lips and eyebrows, bend the nose. Determine the shape of the eyes and work them out.
  • Now go to the Santa Claus hat. Most often he is depicted in a fur-trimmed hat.Mark the width of the fur strip and lightly draw the pile. At the end of the cap, draw a round fur pompon.
  • Take a softer pencil and once again go over the face and cap.
  • Now is the time to go to the beard and shoulders of Santa Claus. His beard is usually bulky and rather long. According to the technique of execution, it should be combined with a mustache. A fur collar lies around the neck of Santa Claus. The fur on it should be different from the beard and look like fur around the cap. Use a soft pencil to walk around the beard and collar, you can draw some strands and pile on the fur.
  • After the outlines of Santa Claus are carefully crafted, take a background. Use a soft pencil to evenly shade loose areas. Shading can be made weaker at the edges of the pattern and brighter at the contour.
  • With a piece of paper, blend the shading. You will get a uniform dark gray tone.
  • Take a pencil for medium tones and draw shadows on the face of Santa Claus. Imagine the light falling on the face from above. Shadows should be located along the entire line of the forehead under the cap, under the eyebrows, under the lower edge of the eyelids, on the temples, on the side of the nose, under the nose, under the lower lip, on the collar and in the folds of fur coats and caps.
  • First, the shadows should be very light. Gradually clarify them and make them brighter.It is best to start with the eyes and forehead and move down. The whites of the eyes must remain white. If some area of ​​the picture needs to be brightened, use the eraser.
  • Now work the shadows on the bottom of your cheeks. Leave the most convex parts of the cheekbones light. Work the shadow under the upper lip.
  • Work out the areas that should be the center of attention - the face, especially the eyes. Glare on the pupils.
  • Now do your hat and shoulders. Apply a shadow with a hard pencil and then with a soft pencil. Carefully work the pile.
  • Pay attention to the fur was lighter than the face, and the face is lighter than the fabric on the hat and fur coat.

Now you know how to draw Santa Claus with a pencil. With the help of the steps described you can make a very beautiful and detailed picture. You can add to it any details to your taste.


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