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How to draw sasuke?

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How to draw sasuke?

Despite the fact that it is very difficult, we will still explain in steps how to draw Sasuke. To do this, you will need a sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser, and preferably a crumpling eraser. An erasable eraser, or in artistic jargon, is also called a “nag” - an eraser, when working with it, it becomes like clay. That is, you can mold a rod from it and erase it in any hard-to-reach places. Also, he does not smear the picture and does not erase the line completely. Here it is desirable to have at least some skills of drawing characters from the anime. Well, let's get started!

Step 1:

To start, you need to make a sketch. That is, draw in thin lines the contour of the head and clothing. We will paint a portrait of Sasuke in 3/4 (that is, the face is turned slightly), so we will only have a bandage on the forehead and gates of clothes and accessories. Do not forget to keep the proportions and leave space for the hair that you draw in the future.

Step 2:

If you have a contour of the head, then proceed to the drawing of the face. Sasuke is a little different from other characters.He has a relatively long nose and always a formidable look. In the manga style, a minimum of lines on the face is welcome, but since we draw a portrait in 3/4, we will have to draw the nose completely. But you can easily save on your mouth, leaving only one almost straight line. Do not forget: we are still working in thin lines, preferably with a pencil labeled 2H, which means that it is double hard. They will be easy to fix.

Step 3:

In the third step of the article "How to draw Sasuke" we will deal with the eyes. Since Sasuke’s gaze is always formidable, his eyes will be slightly narrow and angular. We need to draw the eyes themselves, or rather the eyelid and eyebrows. The eye consists of two broken lines - eyelashes, iris and pupil. But here you can make a choice. Instead of the iris and pupil, it is possible to portray the syringan. The choice is yours! The main thing is to know that the face is turned, and therefore the eyes will be different, because of the point of view, how much you turned the face, what look you are trying to portray and so on. But after two, or three attempts, you should be able to draw proportional eyes to the face. The eyelids are just two thin lines that are close to the upper lashes, but it is not smooth and not over the entire eye. Eyebrows are also drawn with smooth lines, only thick.

Step 4:

Now draw the hair. Hair should not fit too tightly to the head, otherwise it will look unnatural. You know Sasuke's hairstyle yourself: the hair on the back of your head juts out in different directions because of the bandage, and the bangs are voluminous and split in half. Do not try to draw every hair, but you shouldn’t draw a single whole either. Draw curls of medium size.

Step 5:

In the fifth step, we finish drawing details, such as, for example, the sign of the village "Hidden Leaf", a couple of folds at the bends of the gate, and an approximate location of future shadows. Shadows depend on the point of lighting you choose.

Step 6:

This is the last step "How to draw Sasuke". Here we draw all the fine lines and add shadows. Face lines should be thicker than hair lines. And shadows appear near the nose and eyes, under the hair on the forehead and on the hair itself. Also on the ground folds. It is also necessary to shade the gate, it will give it a more realistic look.

Here we drew Sasuke with a pencil. If you are interested in such a style as Manga, then there are many sources of knowledge and inspiration on the Internet. For example, one of them www.drawmanga.ru

I wish you all good luck in your endeavors!


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