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How to paint with oil paints?

Oil paints preferred such great masters as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Bush ... You can learn to paint in oils too! How to paint with oil paints? First you need to buy everything you need.

What you need to draw

  1. Oil paints, of course. It costs about 600 rubles.
  2. Four flat brush number 10.
  3. Thinner for paints - purified turpentine or pinene.
  4. Palette knife for mixing paints.
  5. Plywood palette, which does not absorb oil (to achieve this, plywood can be treated with linseed oil and dried, several times). You can also take a plastic palette.
  6. The basis on which the drawing will be performed. It may be primed cardboard. It can be made independently: take any cardboard, cover it with nitro-enamel (sparsely). Cardboard is a semi-rigid base. You can also take a hard (board, plywood, chipboard or fiberboard) or an elastic base (canvas). For the first experiments suitable primed cardboard or canvas.
  7. Clean cloths for wiping brushes.
  8. Pencil and eraser.
  9. If you want to seriously master the painting in oil, get a sketchbook and an easel.

Paint application techniques

How to paint with oil paints? There are many ways of applying oil paints to the base, but there are two leading ones:

  • Alla prima The paint is put on a damp base in one layer. With this method you can write a picture at a time. It is necessary to write quickly and as much as possible while the paint is damp. The peculiarity lies in the fact that it is the raw paint that makes it possible to mix tones with each other, due to which stunning pictures appear.
  • Multilayer. Smears are applied in several layers. So, there are underpainting, registration, glaze. The underpainting is used at the preparatory stage. With it, you can set the overall tone of the picture, they draw a background, not too pronounced. This is achieved with a small amount of paint and a large amount of solvent. Underlines can be in one tone, have light and shade, or be multicolored. Prescriptions are brighter strokes, which are applied to already well-dried podmalevok. Glazing involves drawing final features of the picture with transparent and translucent strokes.

Drawing process

You have already decided on all the necessary tools, and can not wait to paint with oil paints! How to start your drawing?

Ideally, of course, it�s best to get acquainted with the theory of fine art, study the laws of light and shadow, master drawing with a simple pencil, rules for mixing colors, etc. If all this has already been done or to engage in a thorough study of the theory of you, then you can immediately begin to practice.

  1. First you need to understand what you want and can still portray. To begin with, beautiful photos and pictures from the Internet will help, since it is difficult to write directly from life. It is also better to choose landscapes, as portraits of animals and people already require certain experience and skills.
  2. So, the example is selected. Now we take the base, imagine how we will locate the components of the drawing on it, draw pencil sketches and draw lax contours of the drawing.
  3. It is more convenient to position the base vertically. If there is no easel, think how it can be done.
  4. Prepare a thinner. To do this, pour into a separate small jar about 10 ml. this substance and close the lid until use.
  5. Squeeze out the necessary paint on the palette - literally two peas each. Try to place certain colors in certain places. So the eyes will get used to this scheme, and you no longer have to look for the desired color.
  6. Make sure that the cloths are within reach, because with them you will clean the brush from the paint.
  7. Smears are made according to the following scheme: take a brush, wet it in a thinner and lightly mix the desired paint. The more solvent, the paler the color, and accordingly, vice versa.
  8. It is better to start drawing from the background of the upper border, from top to bottom, so that you do not get your hands dirty and spoil the drawing.

That's all! Now you know how to paint with oils, everything else is a matter of practice and experience. Good luck!


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