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How to draw your class?

Armed with fantasy and a pencil, you can draw a classroom quite nicely. We will talk about how to draw the axes correctly, outline the location of the main parts and then convey the design of the cabinet as accurately as possible.

We draw the class according to the instruction

So, to beautifully draw a class, create a drawing in stages. It is better to take the point of view closer to that corner of the office, which is formed by the wall opposite to the blackboard and the wall opposite to the windows. From there you will have a good view of the class. We will draw a class in pencil. Next, follow this plan:

  1. Draw all three coordinate axes - X, Y and Z. Make an angle between the Y and X axesDraw classequal to 90 degrees, between Y and Z - equal to about 105 degrees, and between Z and X - 165 degrees. This will give the image a perspective and correctly relate the walls, the floor and the ceiling to each other.
  2. Draw a line from its top point of the Y axis parallel to the X axis - you have drawn a wall on which the board is located. Now draw a line from the top point of the Y axis in the opposite direction, but do not make it parallel to the Z axis. Let the angle between this line and the Y axis be approximately 105 degrees.Now ready and the wall on which the windows are located. It will depend on how realistic you will be able to draw your class on how well you have sustained the axes and proportions.
  3. Now we begin to gradually detail the design of the classroom.Draw classMark a board zone on one of the walls with a rectangle. On the wall with windows, make a few vertical lines, thereby determining the location of the frames. Consider that the farthest from you windows will seem narrower, and close to you - wider.
  4. In the area of ​​the floor you need with the help of long rectangles to indicate the location of rows of desks. To draw the first row from the windows, make a line slightly taller than the Z axis. From the point of tangency of this line with the Y axis, draw a second line (very short one - with it you showDraw classwidth of desks), now parallel to the X axis. And from the end of this line, now make another almost (!) parallel to the Z axis long line. The first row is ready. Depart from it a centimeter and make other rows by analogy. Note that they will visually taper closer to the board.
  5. Now we draw student tables. On the rows made in the previous step, we mark with rectangles the table tops and outline the legs of the tables.Nearby with the help of all the same rectangles and lines we denote the contours of the chairs standing near the desks.
  6. It's time to take up the windows and the board. Draw between the previously made vertical lines of the frame, draw curtains and cornices. Under the windows, mark the series of short vertical battery lines. Detail the board. If it is bivalve, some posters or, for example, flowers hang over it - show all this in the picture. PortrayDraw classalso a teacher's desk.
  7. Do not forget about the ceiling in the place of its contact with the wall on which the board hangs. Perhaps, there are visible some lamps or pipes, beams - be sure to include these parts in your work.
  8. Now we can neatly erase all the auxiliary lines that we used to mark windows, rows of desks. After that, if you wish, you can paint the finished drawing with paints, felt-tip pens or circle the lines with a pen.
  9. To make the drawing more alive, in the foreground, draw one or two student figures. Keep in mind that desk height should be approximately at the level of their hips.

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