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How to eat sea salt in food

You will need
  • - sea salt
Use large and medium sea salt for cooking the first dishes - put in the pan immediately after boiling the vegetable and fish broths and before cooking the meat soups.
Pour large and medium sea salt into hot water before cooking rice, vegetables and pasta. Use this salt for canning and salting fish.
Use fine sea salt in ready-made dishes, including directly at the table. Put sea salt in salads before pouring oil on them.
Note that high-quality sea salt should contain about 50% KCl. There are no artificial additives in it. In salt, where CaKl prevails, there are few valuable components that can heal the body. Sea salt is generally considered to be more salty than regular purified salt, therefore, it is necessary to add less to food than we are used to.
People learned how to get sea salt several thousand years ago in the states of the Mediterranean (France, Spain and Italy) and East Asia (China, Japan and India). Large in size, but at the same time small “evaporated” ponds were flooded with sea water, which gradually evaporated under the influence of the sun. Some water remained at the bottom. Salt water was distilled from one reservoir to another to eliminate sediment.
Helpful advice
The most valuable is gray sea salt, rich in antioxidants. It has such a color because it contains particles of oceanic clay and microscopic algae dunaliella, a plant with rare healing properties. However, even this salt should be consumed in small doses.

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