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How to enable BIOS?

November 4, 2014
How to enable BIOS?

BIOS (BIOS) - the fundamental software of the motherboard that controls the operation of all components of the computer. The BIOS sets up the basic system settings: for example, it is here that you can determine how your computer should boot from a hard disk or from a CD / DVD drive, which is important when installing a new operating system.

In fact, "turn on BIOS" is impossible - it always works like that. Most likely, the question "how to turn on the BIOS on a laptop or computer" means "how to get into the BIOS settings." That is what we will discuss in this article. Also you may be interested in our previous article How to enter the BIOS and the BIOS section, which contains answers to a variety of questions related to this software.

How to access the BIOS

So, how to “turn on the BIOS”, or rather, to get into it? It is necessary to turn on or restart the computer and have time to press a certain key until the logo of the operating system appears and its loading has begun.

Which key should be pressed depends on the manufacturer of the motherboard.You can find out with accuracy in the instructions for a specific model, but most often the [Del], [Esc] keys are used to access BIOS settings, or [F1], [F2] and one of the function buttons, and so on. Usually, the necessary keys are indicated directly on the screen when the computer starts up: for example, “Press F1 to enter setup” or “Setup: Del”.

We should also mention a more advanced BIOS version called UEFI. That it is used on the latest computers with Windows 8. In UEFI can be accessed directly from the operating system. To do this, move the cursor along the right edge of the screen and click the "Options" button. Then press the "Shutdown" button, hold down the [Shift] key and select the "Restart" option.

Soon you will see a screen asking you to select the download options. Click the Diagnostics button, then Advanced Options, and finally UEFI Firmware Parameters. After that, click the "Restart" button, and the computer will reboot right into the UEFI settings.


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