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How to escape from the heat of the house

How to escape from the heat of the houseWays of salvation in hot weather

Protracted heat in the majority of regions badly affects us, it tires and relaxes, we feel discomfort, especially if there are no seas, rivers, pools, as well as cafes, shops, shopping centers and other air-conditioned establishments nearby. When the weather exceeds 30 degrees, it seems that the most optimal solution is to buy an air conditioner, but it keeps fear of catching a cold because of improper handling of it, there are plenty of such cases, and if you suddenly have to move to another place, the question arises: act with air conditioning. An interesting site will tell you how to act in these and other situations.


Fortunately, in addition to expensive air conditioners, there is the invaluable experience accumulated over the years in rescuing people from the heat in our apartments. Below are some proven options that alleviate the overall state of the hot days.


We glue the protective film on the windows.



You can use a special reflective film that protects from the sun.It is purchased in stores where goods for the home are sold. This film is able to reflect the sun's rays and heat, and it is quite inexpensive. Stick it on the windows as the difficulties do not make and will not take much time. The result will delight you and help cool in hot weather.


When there is no opportunity to buy such a film, then a package for colors with a mirror effect, sold in any store selling flowers, or the usual food foil, which every landlady has. A short procedure stickers will significantly affect the improvement of temperature in the apartment.


If possible, isolate the heat sources.



If you have a bathroom towel dryer, which is an additional source of heat throughout the apartment, and not just where it is, you should wrap it with foil to reduce the heat return in the apartment. This will help to escape from the heat of the house.


Water is also a good option.



In order to make the apartment easier to breathe, get rid of carpets for the duration of the heat. Wipe the floor with cold water as often as possible. Spray curtains with water from the sprayer, it is advisable to freshen up with this method and simply air.


And the ice is suitable for creating coolness.



Get ice from the freezer, it is better if it is a large piece, frozen in a container or package, put it in some kind of dish, better a plate, put it at the fan, it will work with cooled air, not hot.


Close the windows from the heat.



It makes no sense to open the windows when it is very hot outside. In the event that the windows of an apartment are looking at one side of the street, a draft will not work, only the hot air coming from the street space. Airing should be put off at night when it gets cooler.


Homewear and menus during the heatwave.



On hot days in the apartment it would be good to wear thinner clothes made of natural materials, you can sprinkle it periodically with water to refresh it a little.


Eat more vegetables and fruits, eat salads, okroshka, etc. Cold dishes in this weather are perceived more easily by our body. It is better to prefer a microwave oven, if there is one, of course, for cooking. Try less often to use gas and electric stoves. They contribute to a significant increase in temperature in the room. But the hood can be turned on at any time, so that the warm air goes to it. It will also help to escape from the heat of the house.


These are the known ways to get rid of the heat.These simple "tricks" may not make your stay in the apartment as comfortable as a special expensive equipment, but still you will be cooler.


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