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How to extend the temporary resolution

Go to the court, which is considering your case, with a statement of renewal of permission,
In the application indicate: in the name of whom you make it (name of the judge); on behalf of whom it is compiled (your full name, address, passport details and the number of the administrative case, if it is already in production). Indicate the reason for the appeal and subscribe.
Sometimes the secretary fills out the application form on the basis of the data you have or that you provide. Therefore, after filling in the application by the secretary, carefully verify all the specified information (especially the number and series of the passport, and the full name). If there are inaccuracies in the text of the statement, ask to reprint it, as blots and corrections in the text of this document (even certified) are not allowed.
If your case has not yet passed the final registration, then, in accordance with Directive No. 13 / 9-241 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation of December 21, 2007, you can in any case extendresolution. Therefore, if your application does not yet have an exact addressee, you will have to first apply for speeding up the procedure.
The petition must be addressed to the judge whose case is being examined. Specify your full name, passport and other data. Give the reason for treatment.
The petition must also be submitted to the court clerk (along with a passport, a copy of the offense protocol and temporaryresolutionm, requiring renewal). You can take copies of them in advance or trust the secretary in this matter.
Your documents will be endorsed by a justice of the peace, who has the authority to extend the temporaryresolution(for another 1 month) as long as the case is in production. Get updated temporaryresolutionin the office of the court by the secretary.

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