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How to extinguish a fire?

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How to extinguish a fire?

All fires arise, and then develop according to a single pattern and contain three phases.

  • The first phase - the process of propagation - at first the flame propagation speed and temperature are small. This phase ends with an increase to the maximum size.
  • The second phase - steady maximum burning until the destruction of structures.
  • The third phase is the process of collapse of structures, a significant reduction in the temperature of the fire.

How do firefighters extinguish a fire

When extinguishing large fires, the burning territory is divided into separate sections. The boundaries of these sites are determined on the basis of the convenience of the work of special units, for carrying out measures for localization and extinguishing, and conducting rescue operations.

Forest fires are uncontrollable burning forest. Forest fires are divided into grassroots, high, underground. They stew in the following ways:

  • - the environment of the fire,
  • - creation of barrier channels, lanes,
  • - annealing (knocking the flame with oncoming fire).

Peat fires, and peat burns very slowly, capture large areas.Burnt places are very dangerous, in these areas sections of roads, houses, equipment, people can fall through. The extinguishing of peat fires is very difficult and dangerous. The main way to extinguish these fires is to dig in all sides of the burning territory with ditches, at least 0.7 meters wide, deep into the sediment layer.

In order to extinguish the steppe and field fires, the area is abundantly moistened with water to the place of burning. Protective strips are made, 20 meters wide, the edges are treated with bulldozers or plows.

Every day, firefighters perform their professional duty. There are a lot of videos about this, how to extinguish a fire, often risking their lives.

How to extinguish a fire of petroleum products

One of the fires that cause serious material and environmental damage are gas and oil fires. Oil and petroleum products can burn in tanks, and when spilled. In case of fire, explosions, boiling of combustible substances, their emissions can occur. The extinguishing of these fires is carried out in two stages. During the first stage, the wellhead is cleared within a radius of 50 meters, a supply of water or other extinguishing agents is created, the paths to the fire are freed, and special equipment is placed.During the second stage, extinguishing occurs by means of pulsed installations and devices.

How to extinguish the fire in the room

In the event of a fire in an apartment or house, dial the number 01, from the Beeline and Megaphone mobile phone - 112, then 1, and MTS - 010. Remove the children, the elderly, and then put out the fire. Throwing a thick blanket on the fire center, then extinguish with water or a fire extinguisher. Do not open the window so that there is no oxygen intake. It is necessary to breathe in a burning room through a wet rag. If the clothes are burning on a person, then they should be thrown down on the ground, tightly covered with a veil and plenty of water. Primary foci, fires in buildings are extinguished with the help of hydrants, fire extinguishers. To extinguish solid and liquid substances use foam extinguishers.

Fire Prevention Measures

Warn the fire should be, following the fire rules. Combustible and flammable liquids should not be stored in living quarters, attics and basements should not be cluttered, furniture and combustible materials should not be stored on landings. It is necessary to monitor the health of electrical appliances, sockets, switches.It is forbidden to leave electrical appliances switched on unattended, to overload the power grid. Compliance with the rules of operation of the gas stove should be strictly. It is necessary to ventilate the room, do not smoke, do not burn matches with a gas leak. The most important thing is not to bring the fire!


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