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How to fart?

Anna Ivanova
Anna Ivanova
April 23, 2013
How to fart?

Most people are terrified of farting in the presence of another person. Although there are those who get real pleasure from it, considering it a fun and ridiculous exercise. We invite you to find out how to fart in a public place without causing suspicion and disapproval of others.

The truth of life is such that it is common for all people to let in gases, in other words, to fart. So the human body is arranged. And no matter how terrible it may sound, they are farmed all without exception: presidents, musicians, show business stars, miners, doctors, teachers, even representatives of the nobility.

Interesting Facts

  • a person must fart about 20 times during the day - this is his physiological characteristic and need;
  • the number and frequency of gas formation does not depend on the sex of the person;
  • Products such as peas, greens, apples, cabbage, and all legumes can increase gas exchange.

Every person needs to know how to fart properly. This should be done as needed, while simultaneously relaxing the sphincter and gluteal muscles.It is not recommended to endure the need to fart for a long time. The air will still soon be released from the body in a natural way, but it will do it very loudly.

How to make it quiet

  • There are several ways to quietly fart. To do this silently and unnoticed, you need to move one buttock away from the other and relax the sphincter. This method can be very useful in public places when you don’t want to end up in an awkward situation, and there is no longer enough strength and opportunity to endure. Before using this method in practice, it is better to practice at home. From the first time it may not work.
  • The second way is to squeeze the sphincter and buttocks with all your might, so as not to release the traitor and retire as soon as possible to satisfy the physiological need. Thus, the likelihood that someone will hear your bunch is minimal. The main thing is to leave a crowded place without suspicion and not to betray yourself with a stiff gait, because walking with tense buttocks and sphincter is not so easy.

Many people in responsible situations are beginning to look for ways to not fart at all. Unfortunately, this is practically not possible.In such cases, neither the friction of the earlobe, nor the jumping on one leg, nor even the thought of the beautiful, helps. This is how our body works. If he needs to release excess air from the intestines, then sooner or later it will happen. It is better to go to the toilet more often and do a gas attack in a specially designated place.

If you often find yourself in awkward situations when you really want to fart, then review your diet. Observe from what food you have increased gas formation and exclude these products from your menu. Often a similar effect arises from beer, bananas, ravioli, apples, cabbage, peas, beans and carbonated drinks. Take care of your body.


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