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How to fill out a customs declaration?

When crossing the border, regardless of the direction, customs control is required. It implies filling out some documents. The materials of this article will explain how to correctly fill out the customs declaration.

Passenger Customs Declaration

In order to avoid delays and unpleasant situations at customs, it is better to clarify in advance for yourself some of the nuances that accompany the execution of a customs declaration:

  • A passenger who declares goods must fill out two copies of the passenger customs declaration. Entries must be made clearly and clearly.
  • The writing language is Russian or English.
  • The information specified in the declaration, with the permission of the representative of the customs authorities, is subject to change.

If additions or changes are made to the customs declaration, they must be signed by the declarant and sealed by the customs authority.

  • The required information is entered into the declaration by crossing out the squares (the crossed out box - “Yes”, the uncrossed box - “No”).
  • In the squares "transit", "entry", "exit" the declarant indicates the direction in which the goods moving through the customs border of Russia. If the goods are moved in transit, then the direction of movement is also indicated. At the same time, besides the “transit” square, another square is crossed out - “exit” or “entry”.
  • In 1 point of the declaration passport data should be indicated. In the "Number" line, the number of persons who have not reached the age of majority and who are with the declarant should be indicated.
  • In nn 2.1. must be indicated either the presence or absence of accompanied baggage from the declarant. If there is one in the "Number of seats" line, the total number of seats must be indicated.
  • In nn 2.2. must indicate either the presence or absence of unaccompanied baggage from the declarant. If there is one in the "Number of seats" line, the total number of places where the goods are located that are imported by the declarant into the territory of Russia or exported from its territory should be indicated. This information is considered as a notification to the customs authorities about the intention of an individual to import goods into the territory of the Russian Federation or to export goods from its territory.
  • If there is a vehicle in the unaccompanied baggage that is being moved as a goods, then it should be indicated in sub-clause 4.2. It is necessary to fill the squares in order to indicate the direction and purpose of the movement of such transport.
  • In nn 3.1-3.12 information about goods that are subject to mandatory declaration in writing must be declared.
  • In clause 4.1 the declarant states the following information:
    • about the goods that are stated in paragraphs 3.2-3..11 of this declaration;
    • about goods intended for doing business, here should be indicated the distinctive features of the product (material, shape, weight, brand of product, its color, etc.) and its value (currency of the Russian Federation, euro or US dollars);
    • about goods that are not subject to mandatory written declaration.
  • If the movement of goods across the customs border is made by a minor, information about this product must be stated in the passenger customs declaration of the individual who accompanies it.
  • If the movement of goods across the customs border is carried out by a group of minors unaccompanied by parents, guardians, adoptive parents or guardians,That information about this product must be stated in the declaration of the team leader. In this case, the statement of information about the goods in any form may be allowed, in the form of a list with a breakdown by goods of each minor. This list will be an integral part of the declaration of the team leader.
  • A passenger customs declaration, completed by the declarant, must be certified by an official of the customs authority, by affixing an imprint of personal number printing. The seal is put on the date of filling the declaration.
  • The representative of the customs authorities who accepted the declaration encircles the entries made by the declarant in paragraphs 3.1 and 4.1 and certifies them with a personal number seal.
  • After the customs representative has checked the customs declaration, he must make an entry about the release of the goods on 2 copies of the declaration in the column "For service marks" and certify this record with his personal number stamp. One copy is given to the declarant.
  • Information on notification by an individual of the customs authority about the presence of goods that moves in unaccompanied baggage, the customs representative indicates in the column "For service marks", affix "NB" and details of the contract of carriage (invoice, baggage receipt, bill of lading, etc.) .

Cargo Customs Declaration

The CCD is a document in the prescribed form, which must contain information that is necessary for submission to the customs authority. Filling the cargo customs declaration has its own specifics.

  1. GTD is a set of forms: 4 sheets of the form TD1 (main sheet) and TD2 (in additional sheets), bound together. The main sheet is used to indicate in it information about those goods that have the same name (only in cases where an identical customs regime has been established for such goods).
  2. Declaring the goods of several names, use additional sheets. It is permissible to add 100 different names to one such sheet (up to 33 additional ones can be added to the main sheet at the same time).
  3. Additional sheets are filled in the same way as filling the main sheet graph. The exception will be Count A. It is not filled by the declarant himself. In this case, the freight customs declaration is filled in by an official on the printer. The language of filling is Russian. Sometimes it is acceptable to fill in by hand customs and invoice values.In cases when information of one column repeats information of another column, the link “see column number 2 ".
  4. When declaring cargo the number of vehicles involved is entered and their short names are indicated. You can make a link "see on the back. " On the reverse, in the 1st and 4th pages (when importing / exporting goods) the number of goods from column 32, number of vehicles, number of shipping documents are entered.
  5. If information on a foreign citizen is provided in the CCD, then you need to indicate the address of the branch or representative office of the foreign person, or his residential address in the territory of the Russian Federation.

In this article we tried to give enough detailed information on how to fill out the customs declaration.


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