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How to fill the air conditioner?

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How to fill the air conditioner?

Any air conditioner works on freon, which eventually ends. After that, the air conditioner begins to warm up and work poorly. This is a sure sign that it's time to fill the air conditioner.

To be able to fill the air conditioner yourself is a necessary thing. However, self-fill air conditioning is not easy. This can lead to breakdown and then the technician will need to be taken to the service, where they will take even more money.

How to fill the conditioner with freon independently, read below.

How to fill the air conditioner

Before you start refilling the air conditioner, you need to buy a freon that your air conditioner works on. Freon is a safe gas and is sold in many stores. You also need to know the volume that you need. This can be found in the instructions for air conditioning.

After that you should take all the necessary tools.

What tools are needed to refuel the air conditioner

You will need:Air conditioner refill

  • Thermometer to measure air temperature.
  • Refill watch for timing.
  • Vacuum pump to create a vacuum in the air conditioner balloon.
  • Gauge station.
  • Instructions from the air conditioner.

With these tools, you can start refueling with freon conditioner.

How to fill the air conditioner

Before refueling, determine the performance of the air conditioner. Enough for this:

  1. Find the outer tube of the air conditioner and insert a pressure gauge.
  2. Measure the pressure.
  3. Along the way, measure the air temperature with a thermometer.

If the external temperature is from 23 degrees and above, and the air conditioner works onAir conditioner refillnormal power, the pressure gauge should show 4-5 bar. All normal readings should be recorded in the table in the air conditioner documentation.

Connect the bottle of freon to the valve, which is located on a special tube connected to the air conditioner. You can see the location of the tube in the instructions for the air conditioner. The procedure is safe and does not require special skills.

It is necessary to stop filling with freon after the temperature on the thermometer brought up to the air conditioner air flow begins to rise sharply. This will mean that the air conditioner capacity has been filled.After completion of refueling, the temperature is normalized in accordance with the data in the table in the instructions.

There are several ways to fill the air conditioner on its parameters.

Filling the air conditioner using the manufacturer’s pressure chart

Freon is injected through the gauge manifold in small portions.Air conditioner refillAfter each small dose, it is necessary to measure the pressure with a manometer and compare the values ​​with the manufacturer's table. When the pressure values ​​are equalized with the norm in the table, the injection of freon should be stopped.

This method requires a lot of time and good skills. It is best to let a specialist do it.

Air conditioning refilling by weight

The method involves weighing the refrigerant cylinder and controlling the weight of the cylinder during the injection of freon into the air conditioner. To measure the weight of the cylinder, you can use special scales, which will show the exact value of the gas left in the air conditioner. Such watches are often sold in hardware stores.

But there is one difficulty - before starting the refueling it is necessary to pump the freon out of the air conditioner and carry out the vacuum process using a pump, which is not always easy to do quickly.

It is also necessary to know the exact amount of gas for the air conditioner in order to properly charge it.

Air conditioning refill

In this method, measure the temperature and see its difference. Based on this, and spendAir conditioner refillrefueling. But this method is not suitable for self-refueling, because it requires professional knowledge in this area. Only experienced engineers in the service center are able to carry out the procedure.

Each method has its drawbacks and advantages, and it is only for you to decide which method it will be easier to fill the air conditioner yourself.

On how to fill the air conditioner, you can also watch the video, which clearly shows a simple way to refueling with your own hands.

Signs that freon is over

There are several sure signs that freon in an air conditioner is running out:Air conditioner refill

  1. First, it is heating the air conditioner unit. Freon always acts as a coolant. If it ends, the air conditioner will begin to heat up, and this can lead to serious damage. Then you have to repair the air conditioner, and it hurts the wallet.
  2. Secondly, if the air conditioner starts to cool badly or, on the contrary, to overcool, then this is also a sign of ending freon.
  3. Thirdly, the appearance of frost on the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is also an alarming sign.

How often to fill the air conditioner

All these problems can occur if the air conditioner does not fill up for a year or more with active use. Also, if you notice all the above signs, then you should pay attention and fill the air conditioner.

The conditioner also refuels after repair or at its transfer to a new place. In all these cases, loss of refrigerant occurs.


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