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The climate at work is of great importance. If you do not have a relationship with colleagues or boss, then do not even want to go to the service. As a result, a person suffers from doing hateful work. To avoid unnecessary stress, learn to communicate with people. Chiefs are the same people as us. Show professionalism, a serious attitude to work, do not be late for the service, look neat. True, it is considered that getting along with a female leader is more difficult. Someone on the contrary believes that the girl with attention and sympathy refers to the subordinates. We offer not to guess how it will be, but to prepare in advance. Learn how to find a common language with a female leader?

Positive and negative sides of a female boss

Before building a communication strategy, let us examine the difference between a man’s leader and a woman. Describing the weaknesses and strengths, let us touch upon stereotypes and myths. The positive and negative sides of a female boss fit into the following statements:

How to find a common language with a female leader?

  • A woman is ruled by feelings, so she will enter the position of a subordinate if it is a question of a sick child, troubles in a family. Shefina will release the employee in position, allow to leave earlier, visit the doctor at a certain time. In practice, it is different. A normal boss will not put the employee’s problems above the interests of the company. Will understand more the woman who ask for leave from work, than the man. But this does not mean that regular indulgences will become a habit.
  • The woman has tactical thinking. Such a leader does not make long plans. Chefina pays more attention to the workflow. He believes that if each stage is executed perfectly, then the result will be successful.

    Do not solve problems at the last moment. The boss regularly checks how the assignment given to her subordinate is performed.

  • Indecision. This characteristic refers to the positive and negative sides. A woman rarely accepts risky deals. With her management, the situation is stable. But, the company will not grow sharply. Consequently, there will be no new leadership vacancies. As a result, career growth is limited.True, women's caution and verified decision-making have saved time and again from careless partners.
  • Flexibility and sociability. The female boss is a successful weapon in important negotiations. She is ready to give in, in time to pay off the conflict, to admit wrong. Flexible thinking allows the boss to close more deals. This is due to the fact that the boss does not hold on to authority as much as the man-leader.

How to find a common language with a female leader?

  • Scrupulousness and attention to detail. For employees who want to rent a hack under quality work is a serious obstacle. The boss will spend time, but get to the bottom of the truth. The consequences are unpredictable - a complete reworking of work, a fine or a request to vacate the position. For the owner of the company, the scrupulousness of women is only on hand. For lower wages, he receives an attentive and responsible employee. It is known that male managers are paid higher than women.

The above are conditional. Indeed, the style of behavior is influenced not only by the gender of the person, but also by professionalism, experience, character. Therefore, do not attach great importance to gender, and focus on the rules of communication with the boss.

How to find a common language with a female leader?

In order to realistically assess the situation in the team, take a closer look at the chefini's habits, her behavior. Each boss has a fad. For example, one should not be approached in the morning until they have a cup of coffee. Otherwise, do not resolve the issue and spoil the mood in the morning. Others do not like talking about working in the kitchen or near the elevator. In order to understand the whims of his boss, 2 weeks is enough. How to find a common language with a female leader?

How to find a common language with a female leader?

  • Forget about gossip. Before you is not a girlfriend with whom you are accustomed to discuss new colleagues. Yes, this woman, but the boss. Therefore, it is better to refrain from gossip and stories about your personal life. The tactful boss will listen to you carefully, but it is unlikely she will be interested in such details. If you want to shift the opponent in such a way on the way to increase, do not wait for a positive result. A competent boss will not put an intrigue in a management position.
  • Let's say easy toe. Often, men directly tell women bosses that they look good. It sounds trite and clear that behind the words lies a desire to please the boss.It is better to catch a delicate moment. Not one woman will not stand if to praise her child. Notice that the boy or girl is well brought up. If you want to celebrate the outfit shefini, then say that the costume is similar to the collection of a famous designer. The main such compliments speak at a good time, when negotiations are not conducted.

    It is inappropriate to admire the boss's suit when you were called to the carpet.

  • Keep track of your workplace and appearance. A woman does not like casual work. Therefore, keep order on the table. Documents systematize, arrange on daddies. If the chef asks you to bring a contract or another document, then you should bring or send papers in a short time. The woman-boss pays attention to how the person is dressed. Observe the dress code if it is set in the company. Come in clean, ironed clothes.
  • Do not press on the boss. This advice applies to men. Getting under the leadership of women, men are trying to change the workflow. At the same time, most ideas are successful and necessary for implementation. But, the female leader is not ready to change the usual processes in one day.To find a common language with the boss, give out ideas dosed. Give facts, evidence, show the experience of companies. Leave your boss full information, let's access to the materials. Gradually, you realize your plans.

How to find a common language with a female leader?

  • Do not abuse the kindness of the boss. It is known that a woman appreciates the team, is responsible for each employee. From here there are indulgences in relation to subordinates. If you were once released from work because a child is sick, then appreciate that attitude. Do not go every week before. Think of a backup option: a grandmother, a nanny. Show the female leader that you appreciate this attitude. Go on a weekend to pull things up or stay the next day for a couple of hours at work, closing tails.

The given recommendations concern chiefs who conscientiously perform work and demand similar from employees. If your boss is a tyrant, then the situation becomes more complicated. Such a chef is building a workflow according to his mood. You do not guess what to expect from a female boss tomorrow. There are three options in this situation. The first is dismissal from service.If the work gives pleasure, and you are not ready to leave the post, then humble yourself and avoid the outbursts of the bad mood of the shefini. The third option is the struggle with the woman-boss by her own methods. Perform only those tasks that are specified in the labor instructions. The method is effective, but dangerous, the results are unpredictable.


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