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How to find a lost phone?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
April 4, 2013
How to find a lost phone?

Today, such a device as a mobile phone is an indispensable thing. It is already difficult to imagine a typical day without this item. Know this and lovers to profit at the expense of someone else. Of course, the phone can be easily lost. But, in any case, the question of how to find a lost phone, at least once, probably everyone asked himself. This will be discussed in our article.

Actions at phone loss

  • Call your number. The phone may have stayed at home or in the office. The phone could be found by someone, then a return option for a fee is possible. The maximum price that needs to be offered is half the cost of a lost mobile phone, it is still more expensive than it will not be sold without documents.
  • Recall where the phone was lost. Think about when the phone was last used. And to return to that place, maybe the device is still there. Returning to the place where the phone was supposedly lost, you need to call him again.
  • Ask for help from friends. If there are several places where the phone could be left, then you can go on different routes to search, using someone's help. So there will be more chances to find the loss.
  • Send SMS. If the phone is turned off, you can send an SMS to it to know when the phone will turn on, as the corresponding notification will come. Then there is the option to contact the person who found the mobile device and arrange a return with him.
  • Find IMEI code. This 15-digit number can be found by dialing a special request on the phone, it is also listed on the battery and on the box of the mobile device. This code is most often able to help find a lost phone. When you call from your mobile phone operator, IMEI is recorded. If someone uses the phone, there is a loss.
  • Write a statement to the police. If there is confidence that the phone is not lost, then it is better to contact the police with the question how to find the stolen phone. The statement will need to specify the IMEI phone code.
  • Turn to resellers phones. If you have such friends, then when you contact them, there is a chance that they will be able to assist in finding a mobile device.
  • Contact a private security agency.It is not without sense if the lost device had a great value. Since the agency services also have to pay.

If such actions are not crowned with success, then there is an opportunity only to renew the phone number by contacting the mobile communications company. You will need to specify some data, after which the number will be blocked and then restored.

Now you know how to find the missing phone. If you failed to do this, then analyze this situation and try to avoid similar incidents in the future.


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