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How to find a man?

Single women, as a rule, sooner or later, but despair. They think that all normal men are already busy, and some - that they do not exist at all in the world. This approach is not correct. Love must be waited, if it does not come, then go looking for it on your own. Of course, it would be nice to be somewhere on a crowded square with a sign "We need a beautiful, intelligent, rich, loving, gentle ...", but so, alas, in our world is not done. So what to do? How to find a man?

Perfect man

The problem with most women is that they are looking for a completely perfect man. He should be strong and smart, but at the same time, she should not look silly against him. It should be the main thing in a relationship, but at the same time, to fulfill any whim of it. He must provide for the family, so that it does not need anything at all, but at the same time, give it all 24 hours a day. He should be charming, beautiful, sexy, like friends, but at the same time, not to cause her jealousy. He must ... He must be superman? Think more real, well, where to find a man with such a characteristic?

In her mind there is a clear list of the necessary qualities of a young man. As a rule, this list is almost endless. The problem is that if such a man meets her, it will be a miracle. Does everyone believe in miracles?

Of course, this does not mean that you should give up your dream and establish a serious relationship with the first person you meet. Simply, you need to slightly cut the requests, filter your list of criteria. For a start, decide what is most important for you in a man, and forget about what is not so significant yet. The higher the level of our ideal, the smaller the number of men can be considered as loved ones.

While you are inventing the image of a non-existent person, other women will not be so picky when choosing a man. They are more lenient and therefore quickly reduce the number of young people who are free for new relationships. So, we conclude: the sooner we abandon this idealization, the wider the choice will remain for us, and the sooner we will cease to be alone.

Where to find a rich man with perfect qualities

  • The Internet. Yes, many do not believe that having met online, you can build a strong happy family.But in fact, the network is sitting just a huge number of men, it is logical that many of them are smart and beautiful. In addition, many of them are well-off. Think yourself, if he is a millionaire, then he has little time. Work - home - work. And at home what? The Internet! So, there is not one girl who found her happiness there, they did it all, so why can't you do it? Plus the fact that here you can find men for different purposes. If (suddenly!) You decide to find a candidate for one time (for sex), then you can find her in a very short time. Where exactly to look? Of course, one should not write in a search engine: “I am looking for a rich man, so that he loves it and carries it on his hands”. Search forums, blogs, communities, social networks, diaries, chat rooms. There are excellent forums for lovers of BMW, cyclists, conservationists, etc. choose what is more interesting for you, create a beautiful avatar with your photo and actively participate in the forum. You will definitely attract attention to yourself, and one day, it will be the one for whom everything was started.
  • Clubs motorists. If you have a car, you have made your task even easier.Dating with the help of a car in various variations is very much in fashion today. If you do not have a car, do not despair. It is not so important. In many cities there are special clubs that like some brands, for example, the Mitsubishi club. Look for information about such clubs in a search engine. So, in these clubs usually hold events and meetings in bars, restaurants. To get to the meeting, it is not necessary to show a driver's license or documents on the car before entering. The only problem is that at such a meeting, almost all conversations will be on car topics, so you can find a way out of the situation, calling for some girlfriend, a car owner or a friend. And in order to feel confident, take a little time and familiarize yourself with the features of this brand to maintain the conversation.
  • Buffet receptions, embassy parties, public holidays, exhibitions. In big cities there are a huge number of different organizations, communities, clubs. It’s even easier to meet them at meetings, as they will not even know that you are not a member of their organization. Chamber of Commerce - the organization holds open meetings at least once a month.How to find a rich man at such events? At these meetings, not only ordinary people gather, but also top managers of international companies and the like. Activity you have to be the first. Take with you business cards, the format of parties of this type is such that you can come up and just offer to exchange business cards, allegedly in order to expand the circle of business acquaintances. Try your shyness, try it once and see that it is not so difficult. But at the end of the evening in your pocket will be a dozen, if not more, contacts of serious wealthy men. And, for sure, you will not be interested in one of them in continuing the conversation in an informal setting.
  • Business lunches in fashionable restaurants, lobby bars in expensive hotels. Here, in fact, a lot of prestigious rich people. Where to find a man with wealth, if not in places of expensive pleasure. In expensive hotels owners of the companies, officials, stars, diplomats, sportsmen stay. They like to go to the bar, have a cup of coffee. Often there are additional negotiations and business lunches.Nobody forbids you to visit there to sit and also drink coffee with a delicious cake. The only drawback of this method of dating is that men think about work and are not set up to make new acquaintances with the representatives of the weaker sex. But you may get lucky, the main thing is to try.

Where is he - a man for love

Some women only think about where to find a man for true love. They dream of romance, not of a well-stocked wallet. Although, in my opinion, one does not interfere. So, how to find a man such a dreamer? Much easier than those who dream of millionaires. For romantics, all the same rules apply as for businessmen. But there is an additional way. Turn around, maybe among your surroundings there is already someone who is ready to belong only to you until the end of life? Open your eyes, love is often very close.

If you dream of a real romance, then surely you also believe in miracles? For that matter, then connect your intuition, perhaps she will tell you exactly where and when to go to meet with your love. Look, for whoever seeks will always find.And we wish you good luck in your search and a rich man with a huge heart!


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