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How to find a song by melody?

Irina Fateeva
Irina Fateeva
April 26, 2013
How to find a song by melody?

Quite often, each of us is faced with such a situation, when by radio or in transport an unfamiliar melody simply "sticks" completely, and you do not understand who can even theoretically be its performer. For this, several programs were invented that can easily find a song on the Internet from a fragment of a melody. So let's see how to find a song by tune.


The first service to which we pay attention was created back in 2006, by the creators of Sony Ericsson phones, just so that the owner of this gadget can identify the track by the melody. Today, this application can be found in any mobile phone, regardless of the brand of its manufacturer.

The principle of operation of such an application is quite simple. Using a standard microphone, a small excerpt is recorded, the duration of which is 10-12 seconds. After that, this information about the melody is sent to the web server of the manufacturer of the mobile phone, where it is compared with similar compositions.After some time, the system gives the correct answer regarding the name of the composition and its author.


The next service that may be useful to you if you do not understand how to recognize a song from the melody is Tunatic. This is a free application developed by Sylvain Demongeot. The method of identifying the composition is similar to the previous one, but the recording of the melody you want to find is not on the phone, but already on the computer. Also there is a link to the website of the program and the correct answer is given after a few minutes.


The next popular service that can easily help you find any song by tune is the site. The difference of this service is that it does not require exact reproduction of the required melody. It’s enough to sing a song by yourself, and the smart system will recognize the motive and offer you a choice of several options.

Also, this service is a social network, so each melody can be stored on your individual page. Also, the program will give you when searching for several users who, like you were looking for this track. Here you can chat and exchange opinions about various musical compositions.

This song search service is the most convenient, since you do not have to record an audio file, which you can hardly hear again from the radio. Thus, learning how to find music from a melody becomes easier and simpler every day. This can be done not only at home, but also in any other place. Listen to music and enjoy!


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