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How to find a subscriber?

Sometimes we need to establish the location or residential address of a person, knowing only his phone number. With the help of modern devices and services you can do it very simply. After reading the article, you will learn how to find a subscriber by phone number.

Landline phone

If you know the landline phone number, then finding the location of the apartment subscriber is easy. For example, you can use the site. It contains the base phone of most major cities of the CIS. You can also use the telephone directory of your city to find a subscriber.

Mobile operator

Many mobile operators offer to connect a paid service that allows you to find a subscriber on the map. The cost of the service depends on the tariffs of your operator, on average from 2 to 10 rubles.

For example, the Beeline network has developed a special application for Latitude smartphones. To install it on your phone, call the number 9853 or send an SMS to the number 5166, and you will be sent a link to the application. To activate the service, dial 09853.Within 7 days you can test the application absolutely free. At the end of the grace period, you will be charged 3 rub. per day. You can locate up to 5 subscribers. You must first obtain their consent in the form of confirmation of the request. This procedure must be performed only once.

Other mobile operators have similar applications. For more information, contact your consultant.

Paid servers and free features

The network is now full of various resources that promise for a small fee to help find a subscriber by number. It is possible that among them there are those who truly fulfill their obligations. But most of them are banal crooks, so you should not get involved with them.

Find a subscriber for free is quite difficult. Periodically there are sites that offer such an opportunity as an advertisement, but it is not worth counting on it. Although there are other approaches to solving the problem. There are situations when you meet a person, exchange phones, do not communicate for a while, then it becomes necessary to contact him, but the number is no longer used.In some cases, restore contacts is quite realistic. Enter the phone number with the name of the subscriber in the search engine. Then you can write him a personal message, send an email, call back to another phone number.

Find My Friends application

Google has pleased his fans with the development of the Find My Friends application for the iPhone, which allows to determine the location of the subscriber by his phone. Using it is quite simple. All you need to be aware of the location of your friends and relatives is to install the same program on their phones and provide access to the Internet.

To begin, send a request to add to the card to your friends. After confirming the invitation in the application, you can see the icons with the location of your comrades.


A similar program of the same developer - GPS tracking. It is very similar to the previous application, but allows you to locate a person using GPS. The program does not always work correctly, which is a significant drawback.


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