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How to find out the name of the computer?

Marina Fedotova
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How to find out the name of the computer?

Often, many users need to find the right computer (for example, you have a local network and you are a system administrator). But you only have an IP address, just as when working on a network, computers do not have names, but only their own addresses. There are several ways to find out the name of a computer using only its IP address. This can be done both with the Windows shell (command line) and with special programs.

First of all, you need to be completely sure of the correct IP address. After that, use the �Start� menu and type �cmd� in the �Run� line. Running the command line, you must enter "Nslookup". In a special form that will be available, instead of zeros, enter the IP address and press Enter. Thus, through the command line you can find out the name of the computer by IP.

You can also find the computer name by IP address using the 10-Strike LANState program (you do not need to use this program), which can be downloaded. Throwing off and installing this utility, run it.In principle, the meaning of the work is identical with the command line, in the field (search for information) enter the IP address. An indicator that will glow red indicates the processing of the data you entered. After the indicator turns green, you can see the information on the computer found on the network.


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