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How to fry pink salmon?

If you love fish, but do not want to suffer and separate the meat from the bones, then the article offered to you will help with this. She will tell you how to fry a pink salmon - very tasty and easy to digest fish.

Pink salmon in the oven

Every woman knows the state of annoyance when you stand in the middle of pots and pans, but you don’t know what to cook. It seems that everything has become boring. And so I want to pamper your favorite household with new and tasty, but not heavy for the stomach. What is it to cook, so tasty, satisfying and not bothering? If you are positive about fish, then I can offer a pink salmon recipe, baked in the oven. This dish can be cooked just for the holiday. It will turn out not only tasty, but also very impressive.

Consider the recipe of how to fry pink salmon in the oven. There are many different cooking methods. We offer to get acquainted with the simplest of them. In the process you get a great tasty dish of this fish.

Let's start directly with the purchase of fish. It is best to buy it entirely, you can frozen.It is necessary to defrost the carcass and make an incision along the belly to remove the insides, cut off the head.

  • Scale the fish from both sides, and rinse thoroughly under running water. In order to remove the bones, cut the rib bones with a well-sharpened knife and remove. Then cut the ridge at the base of the head and near the tail. After that, separate the bones from the meat.
  • The result is a boneless fishbag. Now it needs to be salted, pepper and smeared with vegetable oil. Let it soak.
  • While the oven warms up, slice the tomatoes, and large pieces of cheese.
  • Pour milk into a small bowl, add eggs and a little salt. Place the mixture in a greased form, fold the tomato circles on top. Bake until done. Note that the omelet cooked in the oven, to taste, is very different from cooked in a pan.
  • Take the pink salmon fillet and on both sides of the ridge (where it was) put the pieces of cheese, and on top of it, an omelette. Fold the fish to make it as originally, and fix the carcass with toothpicks. See that the filling does not follow.
  • In a preheated oven, put a pink salmon on a greased baking sheet with vegetable oil. Bake until the juice that will stand out from the cut becomes transparent, and the fish themselves do not turn red. The oven can be turned off.
  • Then take out the toothpicks and sprinkle with greens. Can be served on the table.

Pink salmon in the pan

In order to prepare a dish of pink salmon, we need very few products. This fish is very healthy and extremely tasty. Many housewives are eager to learn how to fry pink salmon in a frying pan so that it retains its positive health qualities. Consider in detail the recipe for such cooking this fish.

You need to take the following ingredients:

  • 500-600gr pink salmon
  • 2 eggs
  • 100-150g of mayonnaise
  • lemon juice
  • onion crackers
  • salt, pepper, vegetable oil

Initially scrape the scales off the fish. This is done from tail to head. Pull out the insides and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Cut about two centimeters thick. Salt and pepper the resulting pieces. Then pour all the mayonnaise and add a drop of lemon. Leave the fish to marinate for twenty minutes.After everything is marinated, whip the eggs with a fork and dip the pink salmon into them. Then roll in crackers. Put the fish on a greased pan and fry it until golden brown. Fry for about 6-7 minutes. Then put it on a dish and sprinkle with herbs. The fish is ready, you can serve. Enjoy your meal!

Now you know how to fry a pink salmon deliciously to surprise your guests.


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