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How to get rid of bruises and bruises

If your skin is really often exposed to hematomas, it may be the case that your body is deficient in vitamin C. This vitamin strengthens the walls of blood vessels and is an excellent preventive remedy for getting rid ofbruises. Do not rush to resort to medicines. Just eat more foods with a high content of vitamin C. These include, first of all, citrus fruits, kiwi, apricots, carrots.
There is a simple folk way to get rid ofbruisesandbruises. Fill the bag with ice and wrap it with a towel. Apply the compress to the injury site. Do not forget that every 3-4 minutes the package must be removed from the damaged place for a short time in order to prevent frostbite. This procedure reduces pain, prevents the appearance ofbruisesand tumors.
Take half a glass of vodka and half a glass of ordinary table vinegar.Not essences! Mix them and add half a tablespoon of salt to the solution. Moisten a napkin and attach to the affected area.
You can put on the hurt place iodine grid, which is also a good way to get rid ofbruises.
Take a leaf of white cabbage. Make several cuts on it and blanch for a couple of minutes in boiling water. Attach a warm sheet to the injury site. If possible, spin it. This common vegetable perfectly relieves inflammation and pain.
Try to take a position in which the bruise will be above the level of the heart.

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