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How to get rid of cervical erosion

Consult a gynecologist. He will pass an external examination of the genital organs in the chair, take the necessary tests, and, if necessary, appoint a colposcopy, a study of the cervical canal under a microscope. Erosion of the cervix is ​​treated by various methods, the specialist will select the necessary after consultation and obtaining test results.
The specialist will prescribe treatment using chemical coagulants, such as vagotyl and solkovagin. Put them on cotton swabs and apply them in the form of applications on the mucous membrane of the cervix. After that, go through the recovery course with the use of methyluracyl or solcoseryl ointment ..
If local treatment does not help epithelialize erosion, you can resort to physiotherapy techniques. The doctor will prescribe cryodestruction, laser coagulation, radio wave surgery, diathermocoagulation (electrocoagulation) - cauterization with electric current and others.Depending on the condition and size of the affected area, treatment can be adjusted and combined with local.
Chemical coagulation will help you if the area of ​​the affected mucosa is small. With the help of special solutions, in laboratory conditions, the epithelium is eliminated, which is affected. Then you will be offered some time to lie on the couch and you can go home. This method is not expensive, it is effective, painless.
You may be given diathermocoagulation if you have had a lot of deliveries in history, or you are no longer going to become pregnant. This method involves the removal of the affected mucosa with the help of an electric current that burns most of the surface of the cervix. Such treatment is radical, quite cheap, but later there may be difficulties with bearing and having children. During the procedure, healthy tissue may be affected, and subsequently a course is needed to restore the microflora in the vagina. The method is recommended for women older than 40 years.
If you do not have children or are planning a pregnancy, pay attention to cryodestruction - freezing with liquid nitrogen. The procedure is inexpensive, is carried out in almost all medical centers.During the freezing of the patient does not feel pain, odor. After the treatment has passed, there is no heavy discharge.
You can also resort to the radio wave method of treating cervical erosion. Treatment is quite effective, painless, refers to gentle methods of exposure to the affected areas. The same applies to another modern and effective method - laser coagulation - exposure to a low intensity laser beam. The procedure is performed under a microscope, in the doctor’s office, and only the affected tissue is removed. A scar will not form later.
One of the most effective procedures is argon plasma coagulation, with the help of which capillary bleeding stops. Unlike diathermocoagulation, the procedure has a sparing effect on the epithelium, does not cause gross scarring of the cervix and does not require anesthesia.
Unlike cryodestruction, the method has a high degree of effectiveness; after treatment, it is not necessary to re-apply to specialists; moreover, high rates of healing in the postoperative period are provided.
After excision of the affected area, use special candles, for example, hexicon, which will restore the vaginal microflora and promote healing of the cervical mucosa. At this time, observe sexual rest to prevent the recurrence of the disease. Doctors will prescribe vitamins, possibly hormonal therapy.

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