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How to get rid of hiccups

Take a mug or glass, fill the container with water by half. If you have someone close to you, ask him to drink to you. The neck should be stretched, you should lean forward slightly. Take a small amount of water in your mouth and slowly swallow.

Another water method: pour water into a glass, start drinking and at the same time turn the glass clockwise.

The bright active taste of some liquid also helps to get rid of hiccups - swallow, for example, a tablespoon of lemon juice. This method will help remove and spasm, and hiccups.

There is not the most convenient, but effective way. Type in the sink or basin of cool water, hold your breath, immerse your face in water for a few seconds. If it does not help, repeat several times.

Press the base of the tongue with your fingers, it will provoke a spasm of the esophagus, which will help to cope with hiccups. You can also gently pull the tongue out and down a little.

Three closed fingers, easy to press on closed eyes, or on the neck above the collarbone.

Try to distract yourself - for example, count how many people pass by you in a minute or how many books are on a shelf.

The feeling of excitement helps to get rid of hiccups. For example, if a hiccup man is asked to stop hiccup for a minute for a monetary reward (it may be symbolic), then he will stop hiccup.


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