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How to get to Chita?

Sam Gold
Sam Gold
December 25, 2014
How to get to Chita?

Chita is located in the east of Siberia. An interesting fact is that the historic center of the city still retained the very first street grid, designed in 1862. Talk about how to get to Chita.

Chita: routes

The territory of our country is really impressive for its size. As we have already said, Chita is located in Siberia, so it will be more convenient to get there by public transport.

By train

The following trains are available for travel to Chita. The direct flight Moscow-Chita is organized daily at 13:05. The train leaves the Yaroslavsky railway station and arrives at Chita railway station at 00:23. Travel time takes 4 days and 11 hours. Every day a message is organized from the Moscow-Khabarovsk train with a stop in Chita. The flight departs from Yaroslavsky railway station at 00:35 and arrives in Chita after 4 days and 11 hours at 12:02. In addition, there is a train en route Moscow-Vladivostok also with a stop in Chita. He departs every day at 13:50 from the Yaroslavsky railway station and arrives in Chita at 08:56.Travel time takes 3 days and 19 hours. On Saturdays you can use the train Moscow-Beijing. He leaves the Yaroslavsky railway station at 23:45 and makes a stop in Chita at 22:23. Travel time takes 3 days and 22 hours. Since the train schedule may change, please check it at.

By plane

The option of using air traffic looks more preferable, since it does not take you as much time as a train ride. You can fly to Moscow from Chita in 6 hours (without registration and waiting for baggage). The cost of tickets, depending on the timeliness of their purchase, starts from 10,973 rubles (if purchased a month before departure). Flight schedule is available on the website.

In addition to Chita, there are other interesting places in Russia, for example, Nizhny Tagil or Samara.


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