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How to get to Domodedovo airport?

For work, we will be taken to Moscow by bus for negotiations. Upon completion of the negotiations, my colleague and I need to fly on a business trip from Domodedovo Airport. Tell me how you can get there so that we do not get lost visitors
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Answered on February 12, 5:40
If you are not guided in the city at all - take a taxi, if you go with your colleagues, then it will not be that expensive. But you’ll get to the airport by the right time and don’t run around the city with things
Answered on February 12, 18:32
I found an interesting article for tourists explaining how to get to Domodedovo Airport from Domodedovo Metro Look, I think it will help you, if you have questions, ask people, I think you will be told how easy it is to get to your destination
Answered on February 12 19:08
For me, the simplest thing in a foreign city is to take a map, find a destination, and ask drivers of public transport how to get there. So far, no problems.

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