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How to get to Istra?

January 24, 2015
How to get to Istra?

The city of Istra is located in the Moscow region in the north of Moscow. The city has a fairly developed infrastructure, and there are several interesting and important sights - the New Jerusalem Monastery, the Gethsemane Garden, the Transfiguration Church and several museums. Enough to visit the city as Moscow and surrounding residents, and guests from all over Russia.

However, to look at all the sights, you must first know how to get to Istra from Moscow. Consider this question in more detail.

How to get to Istra from Moscow

There are several ways to get from Moscow to the city of Istra.

  • By train from metro stations Rizhskaya, Dmitrovskaya, Voikovskaya, Tushino. Go to the station Istra about an hour. You can also go from the station Kalanchevskaya (metro Komsomolskaya) in the Kursk direction, however, trains to Istra rarely go. But you can get to Tushino and there transfer to a suitable train or bus. An electric train will cost more than a bus, however, it will be faster than a car or a bus;
  • There is also a regular express bus from the Tushino metro station or the Tushino railway station. However, Istra is not the final station and you must not miss the right stop. This option will be cheaper than traveling by train;
  • By car. It is necessary to drive along the Volokolamsk highway to the city of Istra. This option is better suited to those who live near the highway and has a car.

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