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How to get to the Crimea cheaper and painless? *

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The cheapest and safest option is the train. True, there is still no direct train from the center of Russia to the Crimea. You can get to the peninsula only with transfers. For example, sit down in Moscow, get to Anapa, and then from there take a suburban train to Simferopol. It will cost you 2700 rubles. For comparison, a flight on an Aeroflot plane costs at least 4 thousand rubles. You can get there by car. You can dial fellow travelers and go. Today the road is quite safe, you will not see military action on the road. That's just the road will take you at least 2 days. In addition, along the road you will meet toll roads. The price they have to 200 to 300 rubles for the fare. If you have already reached Kerch or Anapa, then you can buy a ferry ticket. On average, it costs from 1 thousand, but you can enjoy the beauty of the Kerch Strait.

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