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How to glue carbon film?

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How to glue carbon film?

The car is a special subject for each motorist. Everyone wants to improve their car, make it more beautiful, more unique, and also protect it from the harmful effects.

In this sense, the latest innovation in the car market is carbon. This is a special material consisting of carbon filaments and glued together with epoxy resins. The material is very light and durable, and therefore so popular and expensive.

But there is also a carbon film, which retains all the properties of the carbon fiber itself and does not require the replacement of parts. But the material is very dense and peculiar, and therefore in how to glue carbon film, I exist my subtleties.

Main characteristics

In addition to obvious advantages, the film has its drawbacks. The advantages include a fairly accurate imitation - to determine immediately whether it is carbon fiber or film, it is rather difficult. Also, the film is quite easily glued. But the bad thing is that it glues only on a flat surface. Therefore, if you wanted to disguise irregularities with it, nothing will come of it.It is necessary to follow all the rules and regulations so that the result is really good.

Stage one. Preparatory

  1. The machine must be cleaned of all kinds of fats. Isopropyl alcohol or specially intended for degreasing means are perfect.
  2. Removing irregularities. As mentioned earlier, in order for the result to be worthwhile, you must first level the surface. To do this, we ground it with a primer and bring it to its original state. In addition, the primer also enhances the effect of the adhesive, helping the film to better stick to the surface of your car.
  3. Warming up of large segments. If you are going to cover with a carbon film not only small details (headlights, distant-looking mirror, spoiler), but also large parts (hood, doors, etc.), then they need to be warmed up before sticking. From warming up, the film will stretch a little, it will become more flexible, and therefore it will be better to fit large parts. But the small parts, on the contrary, should not be warmed up, because from heating the edges can be bent and peeled off.

Instructions: how to glue the film under the carbon

  1. Procurement of parts. Cut parts should be clearly along the contour.For those parts, the edges of which will be in constant operation, you should leave a margin of 5-6 cm.
  2. Anchorage. Having attached the prepared piece, carefully fix it with magnets so that it does not move.
  3. Next, carefully, centimeter by centimeter, remove the film, gently pressing it down with a soft roller and not launching bubbles under the surface.
  4. At edges, seams and overlaps, use sealant. This will help prevent damage from water and wind, as well as prolong the service of the carbon film.
  5. Completion. After you have covered all the parts you wanted with carbon film, you need to finally heat the surface of the car. Use for warming up special construction glue. Pay special attention to edges and bends. Warming up will not only strengthen the film itself, but also activates the glue. The higher the treatment temperature, the longer the service life of your coating.

That's all the wisdom that you need to know to cover the car with carbon film. If you still have questions about the carbon film and how to glue it - a video lesson with a clear guide will help you. You can find it at the top of this article.

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