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How to glue the ceiling plinth?

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How to glue the ceiling plinth?

Very often, in the independent implementation of cosmetic repairs, we are faced with the inability to exactly adjust the wallpaper to the ceiling. Because of this, gaps, cracks, joints that catch the eye are formed. In such situations, the ceiling plinth comes to the rescue, the professionals gave it the scientific name - the fillet. If you are puzzled by how to glue the ceiling plinth, video with lessons on this topic can greatly facilitate your work. And we will tell the main points.

Selection of components

Suppose you have purchased the required footage of the ceiling plinth. It is chosen based on their own tastes and preferences. It is better to purchase a ceiling plinth with a margin, especially if you have not purchased the prepared corners of the fillet and will cut them yourself. The choice of glue should be taken responsibly. If you plastered the stream with tiles, you can safely attach the fillets to the same glue.If the walls of your room are not perfectly smooth, it is better to pick up white glue so that you can seamlessly fill the gaps between the baseboard and the wall.

How to glue a ceiling plinth - tips

Getting started to work. To fix the fillets, we need a set of tools: a box or a regular stationery knife, a tape measure or a long ruler, a simple pencil, a clean piece of soft cloth. Work is best done in cotton gloves. Begin to glue the long wall of the room from the corner closest to the door. If you do not succeed, your flaws will not be evident immediately at the entrance. First you need to cut a corner. To do this, cut the edges of the fillets with a stusla at a 45-degree angle. Apply the glue to the upper and lower skirting edges along the entire length. Squeeze the fillet with your hands and occasionally iron it with a cloth until it keeps well. Do it carefully, so as not to damage the fragile material and do not leave fingerprints on it. Remove excess glue from the ceiling and wall. Acting in this way, continue to glue the fillets to the next corner.If you glue the ceiling plinth for the first time, problems may arise with fitting the corners. Well, if you are a happy owner of a room with angles of 90 degrees. In this case, you can buy ready-made corners in the store, they look quite neat and aesthetic. If there are gaps and gaps between the wall and fillet, they can be covered with glue, white putty or silicone sealant.

Alternative installation method

There is another, less well-known and less commonly used method of fixing the ceiling plinth, when the fillets are attached to the pasting of the room with wallpaper. The principle is the same, but the difference lies in the fact that the baseboard is attached to the wall directly to the fresh putty. It is applied with a spatula to the ceiling plinth, after which it is also pressed against the wall. Excess can be easily removed with a spatula or a damp cloth. This method of mounting fillets is used if you are going to paint the ceiling. The baseboard in this case is also painted in the color of the ceiling. Actually, the complexity of this method lies in the fact that the wallpaper when pasting must be fitted with jeweler precision under the plinth.

If you are making repairs for the first time, do not neglect the tips on how to properly glue the ceiling plinth. We can not underestimate this work, because it is thanks to things that are not significant at first glance, the room takes on a complete and aesthetic look.


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