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How to go to the mix?

Breast milk is the best and most beneficial food for a baby. But if breastfeeding is not possible, use milk formulas, which include proteins, fats, milk sugar and lactose. In this article we will talk about how to go to the mixture.

The transition to a mixture: the reasons

There are various reasons why a mother can stop breastfeeding and switch to a mixture. For example, lack of breast milk, premature exit to work, lactation disturbance, medication, etc. Feeding a baby with a mixture is justified only if the mother does not have enough of her own milk. As a result, the child may gain weight poorly or lag behind in development. Therefore, pediatricians in this case recommend the use of mixtures that will replace breast milk.

How to go on feeding the mixture

Many mothers ask: how to switch from breastfeeding to artificial (mixture)? Before switching to infant formula, you should consult with a pediatrician.

It is not recommended to completely switch to feeding with the mixture, since cow's milk is part of most of the mixtures, and it is inferior in its useful properties to breast milk.Also, a baby’s cow’s milk may be allergic. Therefore, if the baby does not perceive it, the mixture must be selected on the basis of other milk.

Go to the mixture should be gradually. To start, give the baby a mixture only twice a week. Then once a day. Then the mixture can be given to the child two or three times a day. When you give the mixture to your baby for the first time, add expressed milk to the bottle. Even in small quantities, breast milk normalizes metabolism and strengthens the baby’s immune system.

How to move to a new mix

Many mothers are interested in the question: how to switch to another mixture? It is desirable that the baby consumed a mixture of the same brand, which will be positively perceived by the child's body and will not cause allergies. It is better to choose a mixture of well-known company and with a good reputation.

You must be extremely careful when switching to another mixture. The children's organism adapts to the new mixture only in a week. On the first and second day, give the child one part of the new mixture and a third part of the old one. On the third and fourth - two parts of the new and two parts of the old, on the fifth and sixth day - three parts of the new and one part of the old, on the seventh day you can already give the child a new mixture.In this case, pay attention to how the child reacts to the new mixture. If the baby has vomiting, allergic reactions to another mixture, it does not sleep well, you should immediately stop feeding with a new mixture. Such reactions are typical for children under the age of six months.

When buying a mixture, be sure to check its expiration date. Infant formula should not be expired.

Side effects

Allergy, intestinal microflora, constipation, diarrhea and other symptoms may occur in children when switching from one mixture to another. These reactions have two main reasons. The first is the individual intolerance of some of the ingredients of the mixture. In this case, nothing can be done. It is only necessary to change the mixture. It is best to consult with a pediatrician, who will tell you what mixtures will suit the child at his age.

In addition, problems with the gastrointestinal tract in babies are due to improper transition to dry milk formulas. In this case, you must follow the schedule for the replacement of milk mixtures. The amount of the mixture that the child consumes daily is calculated according to his weight.During the day, the baby should eat food at least 1/5 of the mass of its weight. For example, if a child’s weight is four kilograms, he should consume 800 ml of the mixture per day. If the child’s behavior indicates that he is not eating, he shouldn’t be denied this, because the mixtures have much less nutrients than in breast milk.

From time to time the child must be weighed. On the package with the mixture there are recommended doses, which indicate how much a baby needs to eat mixtures per day.

Choosing baby formula, look at the ratio of nutrients in it. Elements such as calcium and phosphorus must be present in the mixture.


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